Robi made a plot in HiTech Park to make software

Mobile phone operator Robi has distributed half acre of land in Hi-Tech Park. The operator of the Block 1 block of industrial zone of Bangabandhu High City, Kaliakoir of Gazipur, has been given the offer. Plot allocation and investment agreement have already been done. This is the first mobile phone operator to be allocated a plot directly in Hiitak Park. Haightk Park Authority said that Robi has allocated this in the software company category. They will also do their own network related tasks here. They will work there mainly on IOT. Besides, they will take their IT department there. Robi will have to make two dollars per square meter per year as lease rent. This agreement is for 40 years. However, it is not known how much money will be invested in Robi. The call, telecommunication and information technology minister Mustafa Jabbar, in his VERIFIED facebook ID, said in a status of investment deal with Robi.

In the presence of Minister Mustafa Jabber, the agreement was signed between Bangladesh Hi-tech Park Managing Director Hosne Ara Begum and Robi Managing Director and CEO Mahtab Uddin Ahmed representing their respective sides. The Chief Executive of Robi's parent company Axiata South Asia Dr. Hans Viziersuria. Besides, senior officials of both sides also participated. Haightk Park authorities said that after getting the allocation, the program has to start from two to three years. It takes time to fix planning, structures and management issues. However, if they want, they can begin work on removing the semi-permanent structure.

Source : TechShohor

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