How to become proficient in English? How to learn English?

English language is the first place in the world. The great trend that every person in the world is working with is that if he learns two languages, then he has English. If you want to know the language to communicate with the world now, then all of us will say English. Because it is international language How to learn English? How to raise your English skills?

Those who have started talking in English since childhood, do not understand this problem. So those who learn English based on translation, they are the ones who are in trouble. In English as taught in our education process, maybe we know English. Say hello or write in But what can I hear? I understand what you hear?

Think of yourself, whether you read BBC or CNN News, do you understand? If you understand, you can say and read to read English. And if it does not, you can not understand or hear English. Listening to your English learning is also important.

but why? The reason for this is normal. The word we speak, I mean, English is a new regional English. This is such as Asian English Because of this, most of our Asian citizens talk about the same wave. For which we have to do IELTS - International English Language Testing System course.

It is necessary to give a test of understanding to hear what is really English in this course. If someone does it well, then it is considered to be English knowledge. But our pronunciation is not too much change. So, how you get rid of this problem, you can understand the following things.

Nowadays, many people waste time in order to learn English and at last the head shuffles. Because of the lack of proper planning. Plan yourself. Do not let anyone else interfere with your plan beforehand what he is offering.

How do you learn English?
Listening to more than English: In most cases the BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN News have heard or seen. The BBC World Service is very useful in this regard.

Heard the music in english:There is a lot of benefit in listening to English songs. There are many benefits if you can catch the main point of the song. Gradually, the difficulty of writing English becomes easy. Arrange to hear the English songs in a while. Listen to it several times You can listen as long as you do not understand. But it's good to hear the lyric front.

English practice at home: Exercise among themselves is much more effective. However, after listening and practicing you will get a lot of benefits. You can begin with the other person in front of the house itself. Talk to those who encourage those who do not go to the extreme level. English is good for your addiction. But do not harm others.

Read, Read and Read: Must be read to learn the language. You have to read too. Read books, read magazines. There is no alternative to reading. So make it your own habit. When reading good quality magazines, your vocabulary will increase.

BBC windows or more CDs are available in the market, which can be heard in English very fast. How to learn English? I hope you get some ideas about how to be fluent in English.

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