7 tips for becoming fluent in English !

There are some skills that are not always useful at all. Talking fluently in correct English - Whether you are a doctor, engineer, businessman, job seeker, this quality will help you in your lifetime. So start preparing for the time now.

Neglecting on non-English, neglect, fear, inferiority Starting from today, a new path, with confidence, walk Come on, let's see how you can become a fluent in English.

1. Leave the traditional method
One interesting thing has been noticed, from the class one we have learned "A-B-C-D" with vowels, and have struggled to get into class one, have learned to speak Bangla but at the university, the number of people who are struggling to speak English is less than pure language! Twelve years of English school in college, what was the work? This academic study does not work much for most people. So you can understand that traditional methods should be left today.

2. Stimulate Spoken English
Grammar is taught in each of our posts at school, there is one issue in English second letter which is made up of importance on the grammar. Do not go to the grammar for the details of how much work will be done, but I will say that it is not possible to be able to speak only some time to learn grammar. When we learn any language, we make it a lot complicated by reading the grammar details, but forget how we learned the mother language!

The funny thing is that an American, whose mother tongue is English, we know Bangladeshis much better than English grammar! But naturally the American people say good English! Because learning a language through a simple conversation rather than knowing what a sentence "Causative verb" is made of, does learning more.

3. Learn everyday
I have many friends, every time everyone is together and everyone faces a serious "new year's resolution" at the beginning of the new year, the thing that is unchanging for the last five years is that it is unchanging, "Learn to speak in English!" The possibility of excluding rare!

Every day the first few years have begun with intense interest in learning English and then how their interest would be lost, they forgot the goal within a few days! That is why learning and never becomes someday. Give ten minutes a day, ten hours a day, and you will see that the improvement in progress teaches! Nowadays there are a lot of great apps on the smartphone, the habit of reducing the traffic on Facebook, it will be a little closer to the practice of going to the extent of advancing, by far, can say with guarantee!

4. Four aspects of language
There are four aspects of learning a language - reading, writing, listening and speaking. To read and write books in school-college and to write in the test book, our first two aspects have been comprehensively compiled, on the other two side we have not yet reached the same level! If you have a foreign friend you will see that they are talking in a variety of accents, it seems like the black sweat is running out in the neck, keeping the rest of the words in the neck.

We still have great objections to see the movie without the sub-title, we have not yet learned the point of listening and speaking English. Take the time to practice these two aspects daily to listen to the English news, to practice it manually. It is very difficult to learn the language if the four aspects do not improve together.

5. Increase the vocabulary
Learning new words is a painful process, but it is like a bitter medicine, but the process is not very good, but the results are very sweet! So learn new words every day. "If you learn ten lessons per day, you will learn so many thousands of times a year" - this idea is not very useful, because there are so many difficult words in the dictionary that your enthusiasm will die in the field! So one can do this, that you are running Facebook, watching the game - there are thousands of words from different sources, like learning. Smartphone has all the nice words, it means all the words are pronounced.

There is a common saying, if you want to work in any work, you have to practice at least ten thousand hours behind that work! You give me an hour every day!

No sound is heard, but now it is not time to learn the money. Instead of laziness, bookmark it with the dictionary and keep it in your memory, and remember it forever. Another benefit of learning from the preferred sources is that, if you read from the dictionary, only the meaning is known, it does not intend to use its application, because for two days the term disappears from the head! But in the commentary of the game, you hear the words regularly, you do not know the meaning of it anymore, even if you see it too, words will be easily learned without your knowledge.

6. How do the children learn?
We have a lot of complex thinking by making big things a lot of scurry, children do not have that thinking, they learn by crawling the easiest way, the thing! The question is, how do children learn a language? They must be able to learn the language after reading CNN / BBC News and reading the dictionary in the "30 Days of English Learn!" Book from the Nilkhet! What they do, they learn a little bit from the various materials around them. Your English medium friend is excellent English, he has not been taught in the English medium due to the English speaking, everyone around him speaks in English, he has also learned gradually to listen to his books English, always written in English, the language has gradually learned.

You can also organize different ingredients from English today, surround yourself. If reading the game is not in English, it is a very annoying thing to watch out for the favorite movie subtitles (but it is a great thing to learn!), Nowadays there are podcasts on different topics, from the play of the politics of science, the ghostly acting starts just for the sake of gossip There are different podcasts, where guests come and do all the fun stories, sit in the streets and listen to the jam There is nothing better than that!

7. Reduce shame! Open your mouth!
The traditional excuse for all of us, "It does not learn a bit more, then I'll start talking!"

That 'little more' is not learned anymore, it does not even begin to tell us. So leave the matter of shame. Today, if you speak English wrongly someone may laugh at you, but after two days nobody will remember it. If you want to speak English, you have to practice it, there is no alternative. If there is an objection, if you are going to the front of the person, you can do one thing. Speak loudly in English every day, stand in front of the mirror and tell it all the time. Many will be stuck, you can not find the words, but the habit will be developed.

Many people have a lot of work to do with Accent or pronunciation, this problem is only in the subcontinent, the rest of the world have no headache! There is nothing to be able to talk about in a tight British accent, there is nothing to sweat about it. The Chinese do not have any more cryptic language than the English pronunciation, but with this utterance, they are not able to prevent them from spreading the word around the world. So what are you stopping?

English is not a poker, it's not terribly difficult, it's a very common language, and it's not hard to get fluid in English.

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