Search Engine Optimization - SEO [Part-10] :: On Page Something Familiar HTML Tag

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  • On Page Seo: What you are saying about your website
  • Off Page Seo: What others are saying about you

HTML Tags:

When we create a web page, some of the many html tags inside it are very important for search engine (se). Because it also measures the relevance of these tags. For example, title tags, h1 ... h6 tags, bold, strong etc. are very important for se tags and usually are an important part of the use of these tags on page seo.

HTML Tags Overview:

  • Title Tag: This is a very important tag. You can understand that the headline is fixed by it.
  • Meta Description Tag: It is also useful, because the tag that is written in this tag usually shows in the search result, so it should be very useful and interesting to write here. This tag has value in the past, but Google has no value in this tag. It does not count as a factor in google ranking. There may still be some search engine counting it, but I can not give you the names of those seas. Since this tag is not useful, we will not discuss it.
  • Header Tag (H1----H6): These tags are important. Through this we can give our desired keywords in various types of headings. Which plays a role in the search result.
  • Anchor Text Links (a href="link"): It's also useful. It is created through various links and measures the relevancy of this page with the google linked page.
  • Image all Attributes (alt tags): Very important Because you know that the search can not read any pictures. So using Alt tag, search engine can understand what pictures you are using. It also helps the visually impaired. Through this you can search google image and you can make your space. There is also a good possibility to get a visitor from here.

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