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Domain name for SEO is very important. It is best if you can manage the exact match domain. That means your keyword and your domain name are the same then you will get a lot more preference in search results.

It is good to link your important page to seo friendly. Note the following url:


The first url is called seo friendly url. Because the first link can be seen by many things as to what type of information can this link contain.

But notice that the second link is not understood to contain any kind of information inside it.

Use the necessary keywords at the place of anchor text.

Although the terms of the keyword's usage policy have changed in recent times. We'll talk about them later. However, Google has prioritized the exact match domain as it did earlier and now it does not give much priority. Now there is no problem even if your domain is not an exact match. But if you have a proper match then definitely good. If you have important information on the site, there is a reasonable visitor, the bounce rate is low and if you do SEO in the right way, you will be able to get your site to the 1st page. But if the competition is high, it may take some time.

If you search Google using keywords, then search results appear as you see them, if not, check the picture below. How Search Engines Highlight Search Terms

SEO actually has some fundamentals that will never change. So if you follow those rules then you will definitely succeed. You can read Google's SEO starter guide for this. Many of you know there are 3 types of seo
  1. Whitehat Seo
  2. Greyhat Seo
  3. Blackhat Seo
The greyhat technique is actually somewhat white and some combination of black hat technique. But SE does not like it now and the black hat technique does not like the search engine. With the use of the black hat technique, the search engine is actually cheated. So when the search engine understands it, then she makes a penalty for that website. If you want to take a good position on your site, then avoid Black hat seo.

Today, the next page will discuss the content of On Page Seo's HTML tags. SEO does not need to know HTML, but those who know it will get some extra benefits. However, those who do not know their problems, the tags shown here will be understood.

The next episode has been invited.

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