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Fix the category and subcategory for the website:

To fix your website category, you need to research and do the keyword. Again, you can write some categories correctly. Actually there is no stereotype, you can go to the keyword research before class and then finish the keyword and fix the category. Because with keyword research we find ideas about many new categories, which we might not have thought.

See in the picture, many categories and subcategory are fixed. Again we have a good market of Kindle Accessories that we saw during the keyword research. So we created a new category and some sub-categories under it.

Now let us see how we can use the list we created on our website. Notice the picture.

In two consecutive films, we used some category word, top navigation and sidebar. Through this, our navigation is created, the user can access the pages very easily at any time, and the home page will give importance to these pages in search engines.

Now we will create a new Excel sheet to do our little work in a more organized way. Notice that in the picture, create an Excel sheet like this. To see the picture, right click on the image and click on View Image. Enter the main categories in the first column, then keep some cell empty below, to enter the keyword.

Then create subcategories. Then place the titles of the Product page.

Now we will use the keyword research excel file we created. From now on, select the keyword, select the appropriate category, enter that keyword there, and write down Allintitle and Search. Now we have another room next to Allintitle, where we will write pages (writing this keyword is used on any page).

And do other keywords like this.

Yes, you will spend a lot of time doing this. But when it is created, you have a list that lets you know which page you are using on any keyword. In addition to this, when you create a content for a page, you can easily focus on the keywords you need.

That is to say, this list will ruin your time, but later this list will save you a lot of time.

And if you work for a client, then they will be very happy if you submit this kind of report.

The next episode has been invited. Be good

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