Search Engine Optimization - SEO [Part-07] :: Site Architecture

Website construction techniques or site architecture:

When Keyword is finished researching, then your main task will be to decide what will be the architecture of your website or site architecture. It is very important. Determines the search engine from the architecture of your website, which page is important and none.

For example, we have links to many pages with our Home or Front page. When the search engine sees that this page has links to almost all pages, then Search Engine (SE) thinks this page is important.

Internal or Inbound linking:
Links to other pages of your website are called Internal or Inbound Linking. Very important for internal linking site structure and SEO.

Suppose, another page is found from the 10 pages of your site, and another page is found from 3 pages, so SE assumes that pages with 10 inbound links are far more important. For the websites used in our example, we can highlight important product pages with internal linking.

Page Depth:
Again, the page that is as deeper as the page or the page that you want to enter, the more important it is to less important.

Making Quality Link:
Due to this, top Navigation, SideBar and Footer links sites are very important, because the links you use in these places can be easily accessible in one click.

Although the content of pages of many websites is usually changed, these places are the same, so a very important category and topics should be given in these places.

Use correct Anchor text. We got the keywords from research. You can search Google for anchor text.

SE usually give more importance to links above the page. For example: Links to your top navigation are more important than footer links.

Be careful while creating the link, if you want to create a link, it is relevant to this page, if not, then link to the relevant page, or else SE will penalize you.

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