Search Engine Optimization - SEO [Part-06] :: Keyword Research-obtained Data Analysis and Decision Making in Excel

Now we will open the previously created Excel file. Where there are keywords, searches and allintitle. Now, to measure keyword competitiveness, we have to see that there are a high number of searches and low number of competitor (pages) in a keyword. From this we can get our desired keywords.

Now look at the picture of the example, then you can see that the 'electronic book reading device' is the search number 880 and the contestant is only 147 pages, so here can be competed, because the 880 search is not bad at all.

Then the 'electronic books device' is better than this keyword because allintitle is just 6 in comparison to 480 search. In this way, find out the desired keywords and color the excel's cell green or you can do other colors of your choice. In this way, gradually select other keywords and highlight them with green color.

Notice that there are some keywords in this sheet that have fewer searches and allintitle too much. These keywords must be omitted. We will make these types of keywords red color. For example: see 'electronic books online' in the search for this keyword only 480 versus competition 12,300 This keyword will be competing for the fool Generally, such incidents happen when someone starts optimizing a keyword without having to do keyword research. That's why keyword research is very important, otherwise your time and labor will be wasted. So there is a problem for keyword research, but take a moment to do it and do it correctly. Then, eventually you will be profited.

When all keywords are highlighted, then our allintitle column of Excel sheet should be sorted in the order of smallest to largest. Then we will have a lot of benefits to understand.

Here are some more things to consider, such as if your site is new then a strategy and if the site is old then you have to follow another strategy. For this you can see the graph below.

Generally it is believed that if allintitle is below 1,000, then non-competitive, up to 1000-3000 fairly competitive, up to 3000-5000 competitive and highly competitive.

So if your site is very popular and aged then you can choose competitive or highly competitive keyword, but if your site is brand new, then your non-competitive keyword should definitely be selected. By filling that target you can target fairly competitive keywords.

If you can choose the right keyword by properly researching keyword and you can optimize that keyword properly, then you can gradually see the results. 

Here's the end of today. Invitation to read the next post.

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