Search Engine Optimization - SEO [Part-04] :: Keyword Research

Google's adword tool is very helpful, so we can get a lot of data research. However, this tool gives us many unnecessary keywords, which can not be directly linked to our site.

Open the excel sheet and ask yourself if this keyword is suitable for my site or someone can enter this keyword in the search engine then find my site. If my site is found by a search engine, then I can provide information or service to them as well. Then find those phrases that are not related to your website and exclude them.

For example, here we are using the site as an example, words related to kindle, ebook reader, book reviews etc. But at the very end the word kindled is not related, so we will exclude it.

In this way, exclude all the irrelevant words and finally save the Excel sheet.

Now our work will be done, open the sheet that we want to save and select some highly related keywords here and the phrases are divided into different categories. Now suppose we selected 'electronic book reader' phrase which is highly related to the subject of our website.

Now, according to the code shown in the previous episodes, we will use the google adword tool to find out other related phrases and search related to the electronic book reader phrase and then we will save the excel sheet in the previous rule and remove the unnecessary keywords. If you do not remember, see episode 3.

Then we will put these files in a shell as a sheet, so it will be a lot of work to do. Save the first file in a sheet named General Keywords and save the second file in a sheet called electronic book reader.

By doing this select some more categories, select the related keywords related to your site through the google adword tool and save it as sheet in excel.

Open the saved last file, where we have the keyword and the monthly search volume. Now we will work out, to find the competitiveness of different keywords. Here we can say competitiveness, meaning that it is easy or impossible to optimize a keyword. In more detail, how many pages are competing on the web for that keyword. So, the higher the competition, the more difficult it will be to optimize the keyword. So we have to select the keyword, the keyword is less competitive, but the search is more.

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