Search Engine Optimization - SEO [Part-03] :: (Keyword Research)

Let go start the keyword research according to the rules shown in the previous part 02.

First enter the word file that your website offers, and then enter your website's goal. Write more with the words we got through brainstorming. For example, read the text in to the image.

Then we can understand that the main purpose of our website is to review Amazon Kindle's various product reviews, provide information about them and also sell these products through Amazon's affiliate program.

Now we enter the url shown in the image, ie we enter the google adwords tool. Notice the red marked segments. Clicking on the radio button of the website content shown on the left, we can put it in the marking area on the right of our website link. From here we can get ideas about different keyword phrases.

Because we have been fixing some phrases before by brainstorming. So we will select the Descriptive words or phrases option and paste the keywords into the marked part on the right side. Then click on Get keyword ideas by ticking Use synonyms.

Scroll down to see a list below. Then select Exact Match from Broad Match. Then we can see the result for the particular phrase.

Then click on the Choose columns to display from Hide Advertiser Competition and hide local search volume. Then our screen will look like the following. Let's hide these two here because we'll do a keyword research like ours.

After hiding it will be like this.

Now scroll down to the bottom and click on csv for excel. Save this file to excel size. With this file we can work very easily later on.

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