Search Engine Optimization (SEO) [Part-02] (Keyword Research)

After several days due to various busyness, I was tuned. In the absence of time, no episode of the SEO series tutorial was published. I am sorry for that. I hope you can present your SEO tutorial from now on 2-1. And you must give your opinion.

Why do keyword research?

  1. Because people use keywords to find solutions they need
  2. SE wants to always show the best result
  3. You should know what kind of keywords are being searched.
  4. The main reason is that keyword research tools help you to find out what is being done on the Web and what is not being detected
There are many tools for keyword research. Among them wordtracker, keyword discovery, google adwords etc.

Most people use google adwords - it can be used fast and free.

Keyword Research Rules:

In fact it has no cracking rules, many paid tools are available in the market, which can be easily selected from the right keywords. But since we do not use those paid tools, we should know the basic process of keyword research.

7 things should be considered during the research:

 01: Brainstorming : 
Think about my target market and any keywords on that topic and note that I do not want to compete locally or in the country, or around the world. What is the link between income and income of that country on my target market, if any, how it can affect my desired keyword. For example: If you have a furniture store in a district, then your keyword may be "Khulna Furniture" again if you have an organization like Otobi you have to think about the context of Bangladesh.

The more you can do for proper keyword selection, that is, you can ask your target customer, sales people, friends and relatives, if they were to search for a word about which word was selected. It may also be that the technical terms you are thinking may not match them. You can visit various online forum / blogs related to your topic. You can visit your competitors website by taking ideas from what he is doing, using any kind of keywords etc. Then put your ideas on a paper.

 02: Keywords are divided according to different things:
Create more than one keyword set according to your product or service. In many cases, this step can not be done correctly, because you can not know what kind of search term you are using, unless you are doing keyword research. So many times this step was done before research. When is the advantage of the way.

 03: Do research:

You can use keyword research tools to search keywords.

Please select a seed phrase in any category. Or if you have a website, then you just enter your desired url in the google keyword research tool.

 04: compile:
  • Now export spreadsheet from keyword research tools.
  • If necessary, you can re-categorize the keywords
 05: Remove:

  • You can skip any non-related phrases while the spreadsheet is open.
  • Exclude the search count low of the keywords. Be careful in this case. Ask your client if needed.
 06: Determine Competitiveness:
You have to decide whether you want a lot of competition or a little bit. Every Phrase has a different competitiveness. Now if you are running behind the phrase, you will be harder to achieve targets for yourself. So it is necessary to fix the keyword from which the required visitor can be found, then the competition will be less.

According to competitiveness, the phrase can be divided into three parts:

    1. highly competitive
    2. fairly competitive
    3. non-competitive

     07: Select the right keywords:

    When these steps are completed you can easily choose your keywords. When selecting keywords, keep an eye on the following:
    • number of searches
    • relevancy to your web site
    • competitiveness level
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