Search Engine Optimization SEO [Part-01] What is SEO? Why is it used?

Welcome everyone to my first series of seo related articles. Seeing the title, many people can raise questions, what does the meaning of A to Y mean? It should be A to Z. In fact, SEO's content is so huge that it is not possible for anyone to acquire complete knowledge, and the rules of seo are constantly changing. So it's up to A to Y.

What is the search engine optimization (seo) and why it is used?

There are 2 types of search results.

  1. Organic
  2. Paid

We'll talk about organic search results here. Because it is free and paid search result, if you spend money, you can get the ad.

At first we should know how search works?

Search engine mainly works with two components:
  • Crawler: It mainly collects information from different websites (via spider, robot / bot), here, after search engine or SE, follow any link and then collects the information and stores that information in their database.
  • Algorithm: Here the search engine analyzes the information received, ranking according to the relevancy and quality of the content of various pages. The algorithm of SE depends on many factors.

What is Seo?

search engine optimization -seo is some of the rules / techniques that allow a visitor to get more visitors / traffic from different types of search engines (google, msn, yahoo etc). In fact, if any website can be brought to the first page by the SEO through the seo, the likelihood of getting a visitor increases greatly.

The more simple way to say: If we want to download a song, then we usually do the same thing that we type in the song line on google. Now notice that when we press the search button google shows some website name where we can get that song. In this way, Google shows the name of 10 winners in every page. Now you can question why some sites came to the first page, and why the rest of the websites went to the back page - is google doing the will or does it have any other reason? Surely there is something special about the pages of the first page, which is not in other sites. This is something special that is seo's technique, through which you can also take your website to the first page. And the first page means more visitors.

Those who are new to SEO can follow Google Webmaster Guideline. If you follow basic rules then you do not have to worry about seo. We create a website for the visitor, so if you want to know what they want to know, if you can present them correctly, then you become 50-60% seo.

Why a visitor searches: either they are looking for answers to any questions, or they are looking for solutions to any problem or they want to meet their needs. If you can answer your questions through your site, solve problems or give them the information you need, then you have no more thoughts.

The seo is usually divided into two parts:
  1. On Page Seo
  2. Off Page Seo

  • On Page Seo: What you are saying about your website
  • Off Page Seo: What others are saying about you

Use of seo:

Suppose you have a baseball site that is currently located at # 10. If you want someone searching by typing "Baseball Cards" in the search engine, it will show in # 1 position - to do this, you have to do seo of that site. SEO is usually done using a popular search term or keyword. Now if you want to seo up your brand name and succeed, it can not be called seo right now. Because the search engine is smart enough and it can easily separate your company name and keyword. And the main thing is that the competition for the keyword, the keyword is harder to rank.

This is a good idea to plan something before starting seo. Suppose, you open a new site, which already has millions of competitors, and another one made a site that might have 1000 sites, now you can tell where the competition will be easy to do within lakhs or not within thousand?

For this reason it is very important to select the right keywords for proper seo planning of the site. If you do not select the keyword selection then you will not get the desired results. Because when a person searches for a search engine, then using these search terms. So if you do not know what people are looking for, then how do you meet their needs.

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