Necessity of Education/Aims of Education - Paragraph

Necessity of Education/Aims of Education

Education is a process of developing our body. mind and soul through formal learning. lt is one of the basic needs of a man. It is essential [or any kind of development. Education is the backbone of a nation. A body cannot stand upright without a backbone. Similarly. a nation cannot prosper without education. The aim of education is to enlighten the individual. Education broadens our outlook by making us familiar with the cultures and traditions of other countries of the world. It is compared to light which removes the darkness of ignorance.

illiteracy is the root of ignorance. lt frustrates all the development works. But education provides us with an enlightened awareness which is essential for our being good citizens. Educated people are enlightened persons. They can think properly and act rightly. They acquire values, knowledge and practical skill. They know how to cam well and how to spend well. They can choose the right from the wrong. In fact. education promotes humanity and universal brotherhood. It brings about a change for the better. So, all the people should be properly educated.

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