Natural Calamities / Natural Disasters - Paragraph

Natural Calamities / Natural Disasters

Natural calamity is a disaster which is caused by nature. Every year various common natural disasters like flood, cyclone, tidalbore, excessive rainfall, earthquake, river erosion, drought etc visit our country. There are some causes behind. these calamities. The main reason behind natural calamities is the ecological imbalance. People are doing some unwise activities towards nature all over the world. These thoughtless activities are causing changes in nature. These climatic changes bring about various natural calamities. Some other causes like over population, environmental pollution, global warming, greenhouse effect, deforestation, lack of plans etc are greatly responsible for natural calamities. The effects of natural calamities are dangerous. Natural calamities cause a great loss to our life and property. Many people become homeless and helpless. Many people and animals die. Houses. trees and crol are destroyed. Affected people have to suffer for want of food, drinking water and medicines. During the floods, a lot of people become marooned in their homes like small islands. Drought damages a lot of crops almost every year and affects our agriculture seriously. The after-effects of natural calamities are more serious. Many fatal diseases break out. Moreover, the calamities affect our national economy. To prevent them precautionary measures should be taken. 

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