My Country or My Homeland Or, Your Motherland or Your Country

My Country or My Homeland
Or, Your Motherland or Your Country 
Or, Bangladesh My Country

Introduction: The name our my country is Bangladesh. It is a low-lying country in the South Asia. It became independent on the 16th December, 1971 after a bloody struggle of nine months. Dhaka is the capital of our country. My country is very dear to me.

Situation and area: Bangladesh is surrounded by India on three sides. She borders on Burma on the Southeast. Bangladesh is a delta. The Bay of Bengal lies to the South of the country. The area of our country is about 147570 square kilometers.

Climate: The climate of our country is moderate. It is a monsoon country.

Population: Bangladesh has a big population. About 17 crore people live here. In our country there are people of different religions. The religions are Islam, the Hinduism, the Christianity and the Buddhism. The people of different tribes also live here. All the people live here in peace and amity.

Language and dress: Bangladesh has her own language. dress and food habits. The state language of our country is Bangla. It is our mother tongue. English is the second language in our country. There are also some tribal languages. The national dress for men is payjama and punjabi and for women is sari. But the educated men wear pants and shirts. Young women put on saluar and kamiz.

Rivers: Bangladesh is a land of rivers. The Padma, The Meghan and The Jamuna are the main big rivers of our country. There are also many small rivers here. Most of these rivers have their origin in the Himalayas and fall into the Bay of Bengal. These rivers contribute a lot to the agriculture and economy of our country.

Crops and fruits: The land of our country is very fertile. Various kinds of crops and fruits grow here. Rice is our main food and jute and tea are our main cash crops. The hilly slopes of Sylhet and Chittagong produce tea. Sugarcane, tobacco, cotton and oilseeds grow in every district. Mangoes, Jackfruits, banana, pine-apple lichis, blackberries, coconut, guava and water-melon are the main fruits of our country.

Natural beauties: Bangladesh is a land of natural beauties. There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Each season comes with its own colour, beauty and smell. The sights of green fields, the rivers and the hills, the tea gardens, the Sundarbans, the green forests and Cox's Bazar, .the sea beach are very charming.

Other aspects: Bangladesh is riCh in culture and tradition. The common customs and traditions of the people are the Eids, Pahela Baishakh, Nabanna etc. The peOple observe the Shaheed Day, the Victory Day and the Independence Day with due honour every year.

Conclusion: Bangladesh is a beautiful land. She is called the darling child of nature, it is enriched with lots of natural resources. Again the people of our country are simple. friendly and peace-loving. Really I feel proud of my country. 

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