Importance of Female Education - Paragraph

Importance of Female Education
Necessity of Girls Education

Female education means education for girls or women. A country cannot expect all round

development without education for all. About half of the total population of our country is women. We can not think of the prosperity of our country keeping this large part of population in the dark. So women education is a must. Women need education for many reasons. Firstly. women have to do some special tasks and duties. They need education to perform these duties properly. Secondly, every woman is a potential mother. The life of a child greatly depends on its mother. Being educated they can bring up and educate their children. the future of the nation properly. So Napoleon rightly says, "Give an educated mother and I will give you an educated nation." Thirdly. educated women can share social responsibilities with men and can play an important role in nation building. An educated wife can surely help her husband in different Ways. Finally, we cannot deny the fact that educated women become conscious of their rights. duties and responsibilities. Now it is clear that women are as important as men. So women should be properly educated and employed. They should be empowered in all possible fields so that they can make contribution in national development. It is a good sing that our government has taken some positive steps to encourage female education. However, something more should be done to make all the girls or women educated and empowered. 

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