Climate Change - Paragraph

Climate Change

Climate change means the harmful state of the world's climate. This change is caused by environmental pollution. Carbondioxide is the main cause of climate change. Methane and Clorotlurocarbons are also responsible for this. Deforestation, vehicles, mills and factories, burning wood and oil etc are responsible for the increase of the amount of Carbondioxide. The effects of climate chance are serious. The ozone layer is getting decayed. Natural calamities are taking place. It has been predicted that by mid way through the next century, temperatures may be risen as much as 4°C. Global warming will reduce mankind's ability to grow food, seriously damage or destroy wild life and wilderness. The polar ice caps have started melting. The sea-level is rising. It is an alarming news that the lower parts of the world may go oneday under water. It is 

high time to check the green house gasses. We should plant more and more trees. World wide tree plantation is es'sential. PeOple should be made more aware in this regard. 

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