A wonderful Love Story - Sunlight


Winter in the sun Surrounded by dense fog
A little distraught vision Then again
Fog. Dark, white fog.
Hoy . Hot . Hot .
Ten unhealthy legs are moving together in the same rhythm.
With the silver plow,
The Tiller of life is running . . .
The health status of both cattle is very bad,
As much as their owner. How rogue
They shudder, as they shiver them
Owner too Just like any clothes on them
No, so the body of their owner is almost too
All is empty
Wear a tight towel and nothing else
Not there.

These two cows, cattle,
Another piece of arable land Sometimes cows
He is very upset for both. Cows
If you look at the jingling body of both, too
Maya takes it. Kalim Sheikh's ideas are his
The cows may be too upset about the body,
Maya is about. At the mouth maybe they are nothing
Can not say, but sometimes how?
As if in dirty eyes his
They looked at!

Howdy Not stressed! Why is khareili?
Come on, tension. .
Hoy . Hot . Hot .
Column Sheikh cows are constantly with both
It's going to talk, and the cows are two
Pulling is unstoppable. Plow
The fragment of the land is breaking into pieces.
Column Sheikh big eyes
I have seen the fragmented clay
To the pieces. It's not the soil, it's one
A piece of dreams
Smokytoola white rice rice
Dream . . .

Kalim Sheikh's two sons, two daughters.
The couple got separated from their marriage.
And both of the girls have got married

Many, long ago father Rajab Sheikh
This trilogy was handed over to Kalim.
The yoke Then what is the age of penis is the teens?
Will be These are the long years of pen Sheikh Sheikh
There are loads of plow-yoke.
This is also the time of life in this period
There is no rest, there is no fatigue.
There may be fatigue, but
He is totally relieved to accept that
So hold it still today
Lifelong handle . . .

What will happen if the girls and the girls ride, one
But still, Kalim Sheikh was not picked up yet.
Whom he had received fifteen years ago
No one storm night That night
The words of Kalim Sheikh are bright even today,
So that this day's talk . . .

Kalim Sheikh was 16 years old and seventeen
Rajab is suffering from a severe disease
Sheikh. There is no hope of survival. One day
At night he called everyone, saying, today
His time is over at night. Death
Earlier he wanted to see the face of his son's wife.
So rush on that night, penis
Sheik is married to the neighboring village
With "Nakiman Bawa" Rattling
The color of the skin was somewhat dark. So bass
Seeing Nachimon at night, the face of Column Sheikh
Somewhat darkened.
Then the outer sky too
Maybe it was black The start was superb
Storm At night, the storm stopped,
Rajab Sheikh's life was stopped with that
Lamps What a strange matter
The man had already got the idea of ​​his
About the death!

Hoy . Hot . Hot .
Water in the eye of the pen. Unfinished
He said in the voice, how are you
Daddy .
Then the pond surrounding the shrub in the north
Looked at the roadside. There it is
Rajab Sheikh is in the last fifteenth year
Hold on . . .

Late in this long life, there is a lot to learn
Missing, many
He has gone to the stairs. But that is
The black girl remains still beside her.
Kalim Sheikh sat down and sat down.
The fog surrounds him
So around Kalim Sheikh
You know, more than the dancers
Will not be with him, any time
You can go to the address above. Past
Fifteen years ago, this black girl was her
He had enlightened life, he was
Lighting today is Nivu Nivu.

Kalim Sheikh does not get it,
How to get rid of
The days will be cut. Every day
Who will wake up in the morning? Who drink
Will you make the Khali? Return from work
After the sari will wipe the sweat?
Tearless wind in the wings of the palm
Can you? Jupna night moon moon of the moon
Tell the story? Do not sleep in the head
Binay cut? When the storm night
When you remember my father, then
Who will comfort him?

An instant moment in the catching of the pendulum
Kalem Sheikh can not imagine. That
Dissatisfaction today is gradually death
Moving forward, but nothing about it
Do not have to do . . .

Kalim Sheikh
He started crying and blowing. .
Guy swooped on two necks and looked at her
Towards What a strange matter Guy duo
How are the eyes wet? . ! !

The sun has risen. Start to fog
Has done The bright sunshine brightens around
Becoming slowly. Learn penim
Standing up, seventy-sixs were dead
With body. Clay pieces
Dust drops in the accumulation droplets
The dots began to dry slowly.
Start to dry
The penis that is hiding in the lap, Sheikh
Both tears of tears are small.

Hoy . Hot . Hot .
Dreams never die,
Never stops.
Cows mass on both shoulders
Youth, Tiller That
Moving forward with Kalim Sheikh's dream.
More days of catching up
Dream to survive . . .

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