A wonderful Love Story - You are unseen

You are unseen

My little room is mine
Little mind
Living in that room
My dear John ..
The little two Akhi his
Small legs
So, I saw it
My wo ...
- Two at leisure
Writing a poem
Time does not match..One private
Small job in the company is a job ..
7.30 time out of the house .. the bus
Standing on the bus for bus ..
Time is very busy in the city
Whose job is to go to the destination
Busy..It is difficult to get to the bus ..
There are many times to stand again.
- Almost every day
There are many people in the shop
Standing. But the focus of the path
Who is a girl..for everyday bus
Waiting for the student
It will be..the book is always ..
- Lacs of way every day
By the time..the time of the girl
Not talk in the absence.
- Who knows if she does not know.
- Rest returning from office to every day
The path is taking ... and thinks of the girl
Talk ..
- Rehana Begum came to the room of the path .. the path
Mom .. this is a lot of way
Look at my house with a wife
The situation is not good
Living .. before your happiness
I want to see the family ..
- Mom, you say that way
Why..You say so
Then I can do it.
So now it's like for a wedding
I have seen a girl for you ..
If yes, I'll tell you the tone.
-Ma me 10 days longer
Give me a look ..
Well, think about it..but 10 days
I can not spend much time ..
- That's it.
I earn food on table
Give me
- Eating dinner in the bed
Think of lying on the bed
Bars, holidays
Do not meet ..
I have gone
- Sleep breaks at 10am the next morning
The path .. got up from the bed .. then the breakfast
Seeing TV shows .. for two days in the week a little
TV is the time of watching ..
- In the house after the way Jumaar prayers
Come eat and rest after eating
Taking the afternoon
What will be the time ..?
Day is not seen in the sun sinking in the park.
- There's one in the street in the park
Corners. Many people around the house
It has come to revolve .. All the smiles are happy
I saw a girl her
Coming towards
It seems .. the way to get closer to the point
She knew that the girl ... that's the bus
The girl of the stand ..

- The path is very happy .. today even today
It's been done .. today
What would you tell the girl, that many of them
My choice ..
- She is on the way
Come in front of me. Well, are you following me?
- How do you know the way
- What is not answering ..
- Where are you? I'm your favorite
I do not know and how to follow
- I'm not saying. Wherever I am
Whatever you are there .. what about ..?
- road
Do not think what will be said
Do not talk about ..?
Is not there a problem to talk about ..?
- She is sitting .. Then she asks
What do you do.?
- The path without answering, said, your
Can I know the name?
- What to do with the name? Before me
Answer the question ..
Actually I do not follow you..Katakaliya
The way we meet..that is over
Everything is being done ...
I'm a private company job
I .. my name is way
- Hmm ... all I understand..that your name
What a strange way
It is a filth
I have given all my name
Fifty .. I do not miss the 3rd year.
- Two people
To speak, it is evening
It's going to be set up. The path is set in the sun
Going to see .. The red color of the sun color
The face is coming. Look like the parrot now
It looks ..
- Well today
Then get up ..
- Well, can I get a number?
- The angel said with a smile a smile
01927 left digit the other day
Dev .. that day again the cakataliya
We will see us ..
- The road is a little surprising
Waiting to be done.
- It's been 7 days, Parina is no more
It is not visible on the bus stand ..
Like crazy
Here you are going to find the whole city ..
All the restaurants, crosses
Well, shopping mall
Do not meet Parira's office
Do not sit .. take 3 days leave from office
- - Home
Think back to what I will do
Half the numbers given to the elf ..
I remember ... many more by putting the rest of the digits
Trivedi but no number of pearls ..
Today is 8th day ... I know what happened ... so many
Has been sick
The way in the room
Not getting the edge ..
- There's a friend on the street..but close friends ..
In the city .. a private one
Job in the company. One from the beginning
With two big names ..
- Telling everything by phone, Perth.
- Perth, after all, came to the hospital
Many people join

Thinking of the mother decided to be healthy
If you want to marry a mother
Yes the path to say. But the path
Partho with no one will marry alone .. only two friends
Will marry together ..
- The path went to the doctor..Day the day
Need to be healthy ..?
- The doctor said about 10-15 days
It will take me
You can take it and complete
Keep the rest
- The path breathed the breathing.
- The mother took her home.
- Way and Perth
Sitting in the park
I did not see .. I could talk about it
No other
I have to talk to my mother.
On the other side, Perth is worried about her
Nilur will accept the marriage proposal
Family ..?
Nilu is half a half of Perth
Love them .. a lot of sweet relationships are two
People are still in the end of the carnival
Year left..It is the identity of college life
Two people .. First time in Jhagra..but then
Love slowly
Nilu is coming today in the park
To make a solution ..
- Parthha sitting on the grass and wanting
Thinking the way the sky is looking ..
Nalula came forward.
Why this goat is grass?
- You have come here so much
What to do .. I'm doing something and see that
Another thought of the sky in the sky
Measuring borders.
Say goodbye to Nilu Patha
- Nah .. What are you doing now?
Life is over
- Nilu listened to all of the two people. Then
Today said at Perth the proposal at home
Send me to work .. Nilu will take care of ..
What did the brother say and do?
Forget who can not find ..
Marry the favorite girl ..
- Hmm Nilu..I think so .. spring next
Coming like a wind came like a shower in Baishakhi
He went away..and he can not be found
What will I say to my mother .. and Perth you
Today, but the offer is printed.
I am sitting in the house and thinking .. Then
At one point, the mother was close to.
- What ray babu something ..?
- Yes, I'm your choice
The girl agreed to marry ..
- Let's go
Finally, the wise is..the girl will not see.
- Nah .. you saw it
Will be you girl
Talk to me
You must report it.
- Way Mother Room
Straight out of Perth's house
Came ..
- How did the path tell me..I also
I have sent them..they agreed
Managed .. Now your wedding day
That's right ..
- How about Perth?
What are you doing?
I'm losing ..
- Hey, do not get hurt. The way
It was so. If you go to shopping, mind is good
will be..
Let's do it
You need to do it. It's okay to marry
Have a phone call me
Get out
- Two friends just went shopping ..
Two people are doing a lot of shopping
Marriage .. from the back of the bride's neck
The voice
- Hey, there's no way. Do you?
Shopping .. What about ..?
I'm not good or bad
I know what you do ..
I found you ..
It was all gone
What does it mean?
Why? Why is not there? And I'm sick
I was very much ..
- I think..that is well .. day
Later on my marriage..and old
I did not talk ..
- Wow .. congratulation
Advance .. Do not invoke me ..?
- How to do it. Just half of you
Know the number and address of the house
I do not know ..
That's right .. So, give your number
I'll be coming to the wedding day ..
Take the remaining 3 o'clock
634..baki three wedding days
Write to the gift
- The road is astonishing .. What is it?
People give their number to the path ..
Today, the marriage of Perth and the path .. the two friends are one
With the groom arranged ..
Happy, but the way is still bad ..
That day she met her.
Everyone has come to the end of marriage
Marriage is one of the clouds name
Unknown to the unseen girl .. and the difference is
With niloor ..
Everybody is going ..
Still waiting for the winner ...
Seeing at least to see..but
The elf does not come ..
- Basar's night is the way
A strange girl
With whom he has not seen yet.
- The cloud gives a gift in front of the room
Way to stay
Because of the appearance of not seeing the way ..
- Open with gifata ..
- The remaining three digits written there
If you want to call me if you want to sit in bed
- Writing path is astonishing
So .. this is my angel ..?
Taking the veil without delay, it is eternal
The way I saw the familiar face..this is mine
Fairy ..
- What is surprising? You found it
Paris ..

- Why are you ..?
Married with .. Where is the cloud?
- I am the cloud..magh jannat elm .. Now said
The cloud does not love the angel?
Do not live with you ..?
- The answer is only one name
Fairy tales come .. I love you ..
Love ..
And after some days we might have said
The children could hear .. how was it?
Surprise .. all was planned .. Amara
Shushari Mom and I am both together
Planned ...
- Hey ... and I was going to die hard
Not at all.
Because I have noticed that I did it every day
Your ..
- It does not tell you.
- I do not feel ashamed now.
- He's embarrassed ..
In this way, Khunusu and the story were cut off
Two days of love birds ...
... ..you gave me a place in the house
...... Opening the mind,
What is the best way to live ......
...... Throughout life
= Once you've got hands
= Do not bother me
= You are the same base on me
= As it was based on the heart ..

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