Love Story - You still have my eyes

You still have my eyes

My first meeting with you while in college. I do not know why you did not like it at all. With the sight of seeing you in the first class of the university, oops! Why is that girl here? You did not want to be made to yourself. Then maybe one of my first words with you. Slowly start to know you are hidden in you. You had to smile at all. Even in the midst of the trouble, you must have a glimpse of that light. Your pain and transparency all attracted me. If you get bored then the look that you make is as bright as my eyes today. Feel laughing. Just like everybody's opinion, you do not have to say anything in every word. All of your things make me more prone to you. When I remembered the college life, I knew why I could smile. You laugh too
 Do you remember, the last time we were returning home together? Why did you know that you were sitting on the seated side of the window? If you remember the jedas without any of these reasons, you can laugh even today. Do you know that I was preparing to tell you the words that you were waiting so long to hear the word? Yes ... you have not been told today that those words of my mind. Do you know the truth? When you start to recognize from a lot of people, you could not have found yourself better. I wanted to tell you long ago. But I did not say it. I was afraid. If you talk to me after hearing the words, my friendship also seems unbearable to you ... I was accustomed to you. I am still

Just open the mouth to tell you and why do you know "Aditya" and shouted out loud to me and pushed me away. I was surprised that I am so much I got a little angry. But the fear of your eyes still shakes me. What are you going to be realized? You know, I do not tolerate your tears. But for a few seconds you felt a lot crying. You got a lot of fear about something. What was that? Why did you push me away like this? How could you Then you did not contact me again. Did someone come to you in your life because you forgot me like that? No no It does not. But for six months you did not even remember me for a bar? When did not you think you would do that? I'm very angry with you. On the campus, we did not have much fun together. I dreamed around you. Do you remember
You did not keep any news, what happened after I was removed? I miss a lot of things. The next day I heard that our bus went after a ditch. You did not want to get into such a bus because of reckless driving. Actually you were right. Now understand. You should have heard. That night, everyone was roughly injured. I have nothing to say. Just a little bit of the head burst. Do not crack? You did not push the jolt. I still amazed thinking of where so much power came from you. I heard a girl died that night. I went to see him. His body was wrapped in white cloth. But why did not I let her go to me? If you see such a stubbornness of mother's anger, then it takes anger. Just saw the hair. You had long hair like a girl. I was very worried about you. Then how much more was done. You did not even get news for a bar. Well, I'll fight with it later. Let's finish all the things before.
I know where they were at six months? In a closed room in the hospital. All around were sick. Those people wearing white clothes sometimes laugh themselves, talk. Maya was seeing them. These things always make you emotional. Your companion made me a lot like you. I remember the house very much. I wanted to go to my house many times. You have to take me even news. You know, there were so many pictures of you who were silent. But all your memories, all the pictures know where they hid. Do not find But they do not know, you are still with me. I have kept a picture that was hidden in my pocket. There is nothing else for me to do now. Just that one picture.
Today I am going home again by bus. Now you are very happy to see me. I've seen the shirt you like today. But now you are not next to me. I miss you a lot I did not talk to you many things, your picture was in this pocket, I was here. [Pond is hidden in mind] Ahhaha! Got it! Are you still like before? Or did you go to a little bit? You should eat too much If you're too thick, you look more beautiful. Is your hair taller? I love your hair take care.
I do not know why the bus has stopped? Oh yes I think it's reached. But where did you stop? Is this my home? I can not recognize! No, I will not get here. I have many more to say to you. The real thing is not said. This is that brother Listen to I'm not here! Where have you brought me? Wonder Why do not you answer me? Yeah! Why are you dragging me like this? See brother, but more! These are but vulgarity
[Stretch - he fell off the bus because of a scuffle. Something far away from the picture of the hand. The passengers walk on top of the film. ] Lavanya ............ .. I do not understand why people are doing this to me? Hey brother, what are you doing? I do not want to go with you What is the problem of you this is! Why do you hold me like this? Who are you Do i know you [After giving the injection, she continues to languish slowly. Looked at the picture lying away. Cry out loud)

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