Love Story - Truthful love

Truthful  love

A boy was rejected by the proposal to love a girl repeatedly ...

The girl says every time: "Listen, your one-month salary is my one-day hand expenses. I will relate to you !!! How do you think?! I will never love you Do not pity
So you forget me Love someone based on your qualifications!!! Not me! The boy could not forget the girl yet! "

The story may have ended here but
. . .

••• Suddenly one day after 10 years •••

The girl and the boy were once seen in a shopping mall. After meeting, the girl said: "Hey you! How are you? You know I have got married! And my husband's salary! One lakh per month!!! Can you imagine And my husband looks too smart! Absolutely! You understand?!? Ok !!! Double your forehead or one?

When the girl heard that, water came to the child's eyes. . . .

Shortly thereafter, the girl's husband came back. Before the girl said something, her husband began to say the boy. . . . "And sir sir !! Here's what !!! Then she started talking to her husband more ... He is our boss, and Sir is currently working on the project worth 200 crores. I am working under Sir. And what is the fun thing to know !!! Sir loves a girl. So far the marriage is not there. Lucky is not that girl !!! How many people can love this way? "

••• The story does not end here ... because there is no end to such a story ... but that is the real love ... life is bigger in a sense. There is no one to look small. There may be a lot of changes in time. So we should honor everyone's love without considering anybody ...

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