A wonder Love Story - Then love

Then love

- Do you still love me?
- No.
- Why?
- Why is that?
- Why not love?
- I did not pay when I was in love.
- Do you want me to sacrifice?
- You should have understood
- How do you know if you do not say ???
- How do you say? Before you say you brought the boy to us.
- He was just a fan and nothing else.
I was your best friend. Do you forget me for a two-day boy?
I'm forgetting you, you've been away from me.
- Why do not you know why?
- No.
- How are you? I was not yours.
- Why do you say that? You know, I know a little less. Speaking to Peris.
- I can not tolerate anyone else beside you.
- I can say it once!
- Why do you say that? You can not understand
I knew what else to stay away from you.
Both are silent After a while, silent said,

- why silent ?
- Just like that.
- Love someone?
- No.
- Love?
- Yes.
- Why is Balki on that day?
- You did not have the courage to say
- Why?
- Fear of losing you.
Why do you lose me?
If you say "no" after telling you. If you go and ruin our friendships.
How do you think, "I'll leave you and go?"
- Where were these two years?
- That's .................. !!! Do not forget old words.
Okay, okay?

Again silence between the two The nature was kind of calm down with them. It seems like the sky is sad today. Understand this will start crying.

- Will you say something?
- What do you say?
- What are you thinking now?
- You can not tell?
- No.
- Why?
You do not know, "Do not touch the girls' cheeks!"
- Why not? You do not get tired to see the chase.
- Yeah ... ..hah ...... ..hah ...... ..hah ...... .. !!!
- Your smile is still as beautiful as before. (Biplu looked at Diva)
- Dad, I was looking for me for a while because of my laughter. So long I thought I was talking to a robot.
- (silent)
- Well, I came (right now I can see the direction of Bipulu)
- boss.
- Why sit? You do not say anything !!!
- Tell the boss.
- Tell me, what?
- Hold my hand a little harder?
- Hold on.
- Horoscope of your childhood food?
- Why? (Wondered)
- Told you to hold tight, tone to touch.
- Ok father, grab me. What do you say?
- Direction, I ....
- Hmmm .... !!
- I ...
- Then?
- You ...
- Hmmm ... .. !!
- You ...
- Do you ... .. ??
- I'll drink some water, give me some water ... (Bipulu became shocked)
- (angry with the hand), which is the income from the shop.
- Do not you?
- No.

The Biplic went up to drink water. It seems like how many years of thirst. On the other hand, Disha's heart became worse. Today two years after seeing them, the revolutionaries could not even say the words of their mind. This day, just three years ago, on this day, Diwas was the first face of the revolution. Bipulu started to love Diva shortly after friendship Disha also understands this but does not pretend to understand. This attitude of girls, "Do not touch your lips" On the other side, on the other side, the Bipulu tries to convey the message that she loves Deshka. Understanding the direction did not always make sense. Because, always want to propagate the revolutionary direction. All the girls have such dreams that their loved ones will propagate before them, they will say the words of their mind, but Bipulu can not do it, because of fear of losing friendship. No one else can In the meantime, two people's friendships arise for another son. Then they meet again after two years, but Diwali is still a bit sad because of not speaking to Bisha,

It's been 30 minutes, but the Biplug is still not coming. Direction phoned but the battery is not catching the phone. Maybe the revolution has gone, maybe the revolutionaries still have the courage to say so. Suddenly, someone shouted at the back of the "direction". Looked back behind the direction. Hey so Bipulu! He is sitting a little away, a red rose in his hand. The red rose rose and shouted with a loud shout,

- Direction ......, I ...... Love ...... You ...... .. !!!

Like the lakes of the lake, the cry of the revolution was raised. The eyes of the lakes on the banks of the lake are now just in the direction of the revolutionary and the direction. This scene is rare today, so some people are busy taking photos. On the other hand, looking at the stealthily eyes of the revolution, It took three years to say that the love of the biological love, that the revolution of the revolutionary mind began to cry, and the revolution is now spreading to the whole world. It was a surprise to think. How can I feel silenced? Disha's surprise is not cutting. Bipulo is really dreaming today or Diwali is dreaming. Why can not believe in the eyes of today's eyes? Everything seems to be a dream today. Thinking of all this, Disha eyes water.

- How long will I be sitting?

The words of the revolution may return to the knowledge of Disha. The direction gradually came forward towards the revolutionary. Take the bouquet of flowers from the batter. Bipulu stood up. Looked at the direction of the opposition and stood stunned.
After a while _________

- Do not say anything?
- What do you say? (Tears of tears)
- Why do you cry?
- I want to eat. It took so much time to say that ???
- Okay, sorry ... ...
- Hold it in the ear
- Who? Do not you mine
- Yours, Satan. (Said with disdain Disha)

You can catch the bullet hugs, and then embrace the "I Love You Too". The eyes started falling from the eyes of Disha. Bipuloy knows that there was no tears of sadness in the eyes of Dishah, which was the joy of it. And the joy of the revolution was in the face of joy. For the past two years, crying for a tremendous delay has been transformed into laughter.

Maral: No matter how much fracture is found in real love, one day or so it is true ______

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