A wonderful Love Story - Surprised, love

Surprised, love

I'm a big junkie a boy. Little past
I grew up with tough governance and love
In the middle My mother is afraid of being lost
Keep me in the house. Never outside
Do not let go out. If you ever get out
That's with some of our family
Here's one thing I said earlier, I
The youngest boy in our family.
That's why everyone feels the best.

Whatever it was, whatever I was saying, I am always
Neutral Did you understand? Before anyone
There is no one behind him. But no one
If you use bad things for no reason
Revenge will take one time.
Take it in such a way that he himself
I did not realize I took revenge.

But most of the time when the person is very much interested
Sorry for the case. For example, forgiveness often
Do my best friend Sagar
But I have been avoiding him lately. How much can be tolerated
Can be done? Everything has a limit!
But the main reasons for which I am avoiding him are
It does not hurt him. At the
I'm sure about it, I'm almost everything
Take revenge. One time when he was mad at him
Maybe, the vengeance may start
Will do Which is pleasant for some of us
Will not be I have never loved before.

I do not understand how love really works.
Boys and girls sit together for hours at a time
How does that cross my head!
Where did they get so much talk? Once a big one
When he asked brother, he replied,
Love before then and understand where so much
Come to the words. Oh love I'll do it again!
There can be no more surprises than this.

But there is an attraction in my face,
Because of the reasons that girls are my first time at first
Come forward to speak with yourself.
Of course, until the end of the conversation, friendship is also; But
Love is no longer. Why is not, who knows! But
I saw it, they believe me so much.

Because, they cause some sensitive incidents
Any other that is in front of me
Maybe there is a bad chance of a boy or a bad chance
Would have taken And any girl friend
Every occasion I have a reversal of interest
Did not Well, why did not grow? His first
See you in the front of the lift.

He was standing alone. When i'm her
Come back to the line and face me
Eyes eyes for two seconds to return
Kept it Diameter, all of my reversal
Have become Still remember; He is that
Was there a question, what the answer was in Choice?
I wanted to find my eyes. One
He was looking at the huge interest he was.

I still think of the occasional rise.
That day I did not want to express my emotions.
I thought I was fascinated how many
It looks good to see the girl, just like that
Maybe something will happen But I found out later.
What kind of unrest in the country! Special
Every evening he remembers.

During the evening when the sun sets, all around
By the time the birds are summoned and they are right
Remember me Lower his head and talk
Gesture, shiny color in the neck
The game continues to float in the eye. And always in Fatua-
The shirt falls. Whenever I see - that fatwie
Different designs at one time; But
That is the fatwa. Funny, so do not! Finally,
I could not bear it I fixed
I will communicate. Find out about the search
He is on our university.

But not on the CSE department,
In the Department of the Forecourt. However,
He is not Bengali, Afghans! Diameter, I got suffocated.
I have a kind of Bengali girls
Threats work. And this is just like that
Foreigner How insignificant it would be, the engraving
Well know But, every time I see him, he's
Looks at the stereotype of this girl
With my dream girl's strange match.

From a childhood to a myth
I made the girl lover. Whose
It is not possible to match a girl at all
Thinks that Because it's so good
This humble girl, Allah-
She's about to see if she has landed in the world
There was a great suspicion. But
Sarah Habibia started to change my ideas
Did it I also once thought that this is the beginning
I will not be without a girl.

One day, her phone number received the message
I started to send. But ... no response
No! Wonder! No people getting so much message
I can sit quietly
The idea was not. Of course, how much is the man
Or you know! Finally, one day direct phone
I did.

Ah, he will come today ... to meet me
For First of all, first of all
I did not agree to talk with you. What is the rebuke of Bababah!
"I am not that kind of girl, what you are thinking!".
I was stunned.
Finally, I have convinced him very difficult
Just to meet Since the same
Universe, but what is the problem to meet?
But I know, I'll love him;
Because I'm the first class.

Yes, he is standing and standing in Banani Bazar
On the bottom floor, as we were talking about.
Even today the fatwas have fallen. Shoulder bag
Fitting. The cheeks are two red. Shame,
Are you angry? However,
I have to talk today.

Otherwise, no other day will be called.
I went to him. Good goal today
I am tall, and my throat is equal. Of it
I have not come so far earlier. Rhizoid
A stitch forwarded forward. And surprise
Be looked at me.

I have seen the Universe for a long time.
I hope I'm the boy,
That's what he loves like Ummah. His lips
Shaking. I look forward to a lot of her beautiful eyes
I turned my eyes on both of them. But ... that's it!
There is a fear in his eyes, a flurry!
- "You! ", Almost
Whisperedly said in English
- "Yes.", I said boldly.
- "But, how possible! "No, Sarah
Because of fear. Exploded
Eyes looked at.

-"why not? "I woke up my chest and cried out
Came to be I thought all, but now and now
I never thought of what I thought. My eyes
Maybe it turned out to be purple. Ears
It seems smoke is coming out.
- "You robot! Relationship with you
It can not be ... ", and he started to chucker.
- "Listen ...", I went to catch her. But he
Shut my hands with a flick and run away
Run away

Sigh. Yes, I'm a robot. But
So what? First class robot of Bangladesh
Those who gradually acquire knowledge as human beings
can do. Among whom love
Scientists successfully believe in programming
Have been able to. But love
I do not want to get love, even near me. At the
Did not they think they should think?

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