Love Story - A silent love story

A silent love story

This is the story of a boy and a girl's silent love of a middle class family of a Bangladeshi family. The daughter's family refused to accept the boy in the traditional rule. Naturally, the daughter's family tries to convince the girl that the child does not have a lot of bright futures, it is nothing but stupid to have a relationship with him.

One day the girl said to the boy, "How deep is your love towards me?" You're doing something at least. Moreover, nobody will accept our relationship. "The boy can not find any answer. She is silent. The girl went angry and went away. Even then, the dream boy sees the dreams of his future, like the song of 'Anjan'ada, "A city full of black-and-white jokes, you-my red-blue family."

One day the boy decides to go abroad for Hyde-Studies. At the moment he tells the girl, "I may not be very skilled at the words, but I know that I love you so much. Even then, if you want, I can see your marriage once I see your family. Do you agree with me to live forever? "

She agreed to see the firm's determination. The boy convinces the girl's family a lot. Then their engagement was made and it was decided that the boy would be married after he was established and returned to the country. Then the boy went out of the country.

She started working in an office. Meanwhile, the boy is busy with his research-work outside the country. Yet, despite the fact that they share their feelings of love as much as possible through phone and e-mail, even in a matter of hours.

One day, the girl made a road-accident on her way to the office. Returning the senses, he found that he was admitted to the hospital and realized that he was seriously injured. He sees his parents next to the bed. Realizing that her mother was crying, when she went to talk, she realized that her speech had disappeared. According to the doctor, she was dumbfounded as she was hit by her brine.

Once, the girl came back to her home after a little bit. Meanwhile, the boy is calling him repeatedly, but the girl is dumb because she does not have anything to do. The girl once made a decision. She does not want to touch the boy with her conversation-less life.
As a result, he wrote a false letter that he could no longer wait for the boy. Then she sent her enzymment ring to her boy's address with the letter. The boy eats thousands of e-mails, but he does not get any reply. The boy called for hundreds of times, but without the phone's receipt, there is no other way than to cry silently.

One day, the girl's family shifted to another area and decided to go to a new environment so that the girl forgets some of these delights and is happy.

In the new environment, she learns "sign-language" and starts a new life. After a couple of years, a girl's girlfriend came here and told the girl that the boy was back in the country. The girl recollects her girlfriend so that the boy does not know about her condition in any way. Then a few days later the girl's girlfriend went away.

Another year later, once again, the girl's girlfriend came to the girl with an invention card. She opens the card and sees that it is the boy's marriage invitation card. The girl is surprised when she sees her own name in place of the bride. When the girl wants to know something about her, she sees that the boy stands in front of her. The boy then used the word "sign language" to say to the girl, "I've spent a year's time to learn sign language. Just to let you know that I have not forgotten our promise. Let me know I love you. "The boy again taught the engagement ring girl. A few years later, the girl laughed again. This is a silent laugh of silent love.

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