A wonderful Love Story - The shadow of the clouds

The shadow of the clouds

A lake full of natural beauty,
White colors aside from the side
A small steel bridge, something beside it
The atmosphere is like a rosemary, white swelling
Filled with beauty, head
On the other hand, there are several blacks,
Everyday Trees Daily
Many birds as guests
Meet up Afternoon
It is the world's unimaginable place in time
Creates an environment.
Some people guilt in the nature lover's hands
Occasionally, some sweet things are here
To enjoy. All in the city of mechanical
Busy with his work, whose cars are busy
There are times in hand
Own yourself alone in an environment
Spend a little time together.

Kosambalan lake lake
Beside everyday
A girl was sitting alone.
Relentless time alone
With the sunset as well as cutting
Could have lost somewhere. Someday
Her familiar to him
Not seen with anyone,
But there should be no one else in the place
Or do not let the miner come
The girl with the atheist birds
Every day 'was seen. Cloud shadow
She sat down every day
No one ever wanted to know
Did not show it, or anyone can say it
Someday something about him
Did not realize

The cloud came new in this area, no
One day it is with someone who is known
Came to visit the place.
He loved the place a lot
It was so, sometimes time
Pelé tries to come here.
Most of the time it is come alone.
The first few days she is the girl
Not so much attention, but for a while
Then he guessed that the day he was
Here comes the girl here.
Sitting in the same place,
There is no talk with anyone, absolutely
Silence passes alone time alone. Cloud
Somewhat curiously decided
They are all together in the weekend
Let's come here
The girl someday
Does not have it here. But then
Every day the girl is the same
He sees it in place, and regularly
Alone in an unmarried condition alone.
Seeing such a situation, he decided to do one day
Talk to the girl. Falling
The girl is sitting in the white cloud ...

The cloud went to the girl,
'Can I sit?' (No answer)
- She sat down
Are you? '(Again no answer)
- 'I have been for a while
From seeing you this every day
Sitting alone in the place,
Some time to talk to someone
I did not see it
Can I know the reason behind this? '-
- A bizarre face with a little grief
The girl is about the clouds
I looked at you, 'Look at me
I do not want to talk to
I like to live alone, please
You here
I'll be glad to leave! "(As the words are
The girl turned back again)
- 'See, I'm bored at all
I did not come to you
I'm coming out to see so little
I came to you with curiosity. '
- (The girl took a little nervous)
- Okay your mind today
If not good then I have another day
Come on. I'm going to be good! '
Say cloud camel is real)

The next day the girl came to the cloud
It went to the place.
Some pebbles in the hand
Sitting on the lake lashing,
At that time, the girl came back from behind and her
A little away from where he is every day
Sit down at the place with no clouds
Sit down without talking.

- 'You've arrived just for you
I was waiting, is it good today?
- (The girl did not answer)
- 'You know, you look so beautiful,
Looks like you are today
Good luck! '
- 'This is Mr.
I do not even want to talk with you
You're annoying me like that
Why? '
- 'Look, I'm not bothered you
I did not have to, I'm new in this area
I have no one with me
No identity, and your
I said yesterday, you too
I am here alone
I do not know anyone here,
I thought I was a little familiar with
If you do, here's actually two of them
Time will be a little better.
- Look, Mr. ...
- 'Yes, my name is cloud!'
- 'Whether you are cloud-rain or not
No one to be familiar with you
No interest, no more
I like being alone here,
So please do not you please me
If you do not bother, I'll be happy. '
- 'Okay I'm leaving,
To disturb you
I apologize, be good
God Hafiz!

The cloud went from that place ...
The girl came again the next day again
Before that
He appeared in the place,
She is sitting where she is sitting
A little away from behind the ground
With the hands on the sky
Look forward to That
The girl came in time to come ...

- 'I did not tell you anymore
Never to disturb, you still have to
Have you come? '
- Listen, I told you
I will not bother you, I am this
I did not tell you to come in the place! '
Turn around
Clouds are said to be baked
Raised the head again)
- (She does not tell her anything else
Sit down in place!)

... that cloud or girl is someone on that day
Nobody said anything to anyone.
At the end of the afternoon, before the evening approaches
Initially, the girl then the cloud
I left the place.
This is how the cloud everyday
Start going there, someday
Someday before the girl comes
If later, but nobody
I did not talk to anyone. Cloud
Ear phone with ear phones in nature
Used to enjoy Girl's
To get the phone calls occasionally,
Sometimes the phone would never talk
If the phone calls end
The girl could leave there.
But why is she there every day?
Sitting or sitting for whom till today
The cloud could not tell anything. Day
Lake at the end
He came out of the way and was no more
She has a walk on the way
Go back to the destination. This is how it went
For a few days ...

Once the cloud is a reason for any reason
Three days passed to the lake.
She is just like her before
The days came in, but the clouds
There is no, three days come true
She is a little surprised to see that
Is it Three days later the cloud was like before
He went to that place,
She is already sitting,
Little girl
When sitting away, the girl intended her to be the purpose
It says ...

- 'Why did not you come these three days?'
- 'Tell me?'
- 'Is there anyone else here?'
- 'Well! Then you have this
Three days I missed a lot? '
- 'Why do I want to miss you?
Just asked!
- The girl gets a little more from the cloud
Sitting near, 'here
Maybe from us
Words can be heard better! '
- 'Did not say that why these three days?
Did not come? '
- 'Want to know?'
- 'Do not want to say ...'
- 'Okay, I'm a little sick
I was in the hospital with him!
- 'Oh sorry! How are you now
- 'Now Alhamdulillah is right,
The doctor said to rest!
- 'That's why you are here, my mother
Why not stay close? '
- 'You missed me a lot
That's why I came!
- 'I did not miss you!'
- 'OK, right
If I have, then I am leaving, no more
I will not come! '
- 'Really?'
- Which one would you say,
It's going to go away
Will not I?
- 'Do not come?'
- 'Why do you want me to come more?'
- 'No, I did not say that!'
- 'May I know your name?'
- 'shadow'
- 'Shadow! Bahah is beautiful name! '
- Do you want to talk?
- 'Yes!'
- 'Your name is cloudy
Who kept it? '
- Well, you're my name too
Remember, it's good! '
- Every day the sky cloud below and below
The name has been remembered to see the cloud. '
- 'What do you like?
The sky cloud or the bottom?
- "Who has named the name."
No, But?'
- 'My father kept the sky, the sky
The cloud was so much of his choice that son's son
The name also matches it
Keep it! '
- 'Hmmm did well! Beautiful name! '
- 'What happened to my question?'
- 'The sky would have been good for so long,
Today with the below
Identity is something that is so good
Can not say! '
- 'Wait for me!'

Thus, the identity of the two is the first of the two
Start of conversation, small things and more
Confuse each other's questions.
Since that day, every day as before
They continue to come, but
Environment is now pretty much the same as before
Changes have come, next side
Flowers in the kernels
Silence breaks down,
The flowers of the black hole are more colorful
Become a creature, call the birds
Much sweetness is missing, everything is now
It seems a little bit of moments.

Sitting alone is silent
The girl is alive today
He can open and laugh, now in his mouth
The blossom of words Suddenly
Life is a bit out of line
It has started, nowadays, two people
It's a good day to cut. But now
Until the number of someone's phone number
Neither, nor the home of each other
Do not know the address until then. Both of them
The medium of communication is the only medium
In the afternoon at the edge of this lake.
No one has seen them yet
Could not be seen regularly, at the same time,
In the same place, the day that is not seen
The probability is the previous day
Saying each other. So no one
Someone's phone number
There is no need yet. More
What is the necessity or what, a good relationship?
A definite medium for '
Maybe they're more than that
That's the exception of the relationship
Will not be there. So really, both of them
Sometimes there's a lot of good relations, friendships

... their relationship is still only
Limited to friendship, none of the two
Each other
More than that, no feelings
Did not create Both are very common
He talked about the matter, its
To do more than do both
There is no interest, but disagree. Contact and contact
This is a field as a medium
So there is no one about that
There is no need to add anything to the circle.
Though the words are a little bit from the shadow
More twisted
Black flower flower
Gradually started to fall,
Summer arrival
Lake water as the message also
Has started to slow down,
There is no spring breeze in Kashbane before.
Temporary natural changes
The impression is that the lake is beautiful
The environment is also coming.
One day the clouds are like everyday
The original is in the lake, but nothing before
Say no to the shadow on that day.
The thing is a bit different to the cloud
I do not think it happened like that before.
Shadow no day
Could not always have said before,
What is it today? All afternoon
The evening went down, clouds
Still waiting there, but still
The shadow did not come.
The next day, the same condition, cloud
Much more worried, his
Look no further than looking for a shadow
There is no media, today he felt first
The medium of their communication is a bit more
Should have been done. Find the shadow
There is no other way to take her
Not near, except for the only wait
No way was open to him.
One day, two days
There is no trace of shadow beyond.
But every day,
Every evening hundreds of hundreds of work
The lake is shattered by the clouds
Beside the cows Summer
Prolonged sunshine and endless trouble
Lonely shouting about the day
They wait for shade. But then
Each day
He had to return home empty handed empty handed
I think, the silence of the eyes is stored in the corner
Some tears are filled with pain. So much
After waiting for a nonsense
She has never been hopeless,
Every new day is coming back
They have been waiting for a dream.
Three months passed slowly,
During this time clouds of earth are many
Changed, it started to change
Has done the form of nature. No one
Lonely as a lonely day in the afternoon
Alone in the lake
The clouds are sitting on the side, endless
Adding to the waiting list
Being a day is more. He is still today
I do not know if this is waiting for him
Whether there is any money back then.
Clouds flying in the sky
Looked at, at that time
On the dry leaves lying on the trees
Anyone walking with
He heard the position
Look back and forth,
Someone is sitting behind a wheelchair
From one to another
Pushing the chair to him
Coming. Seeing the scene
He stood up and came near
The girl sitting next to the chair was seen
There was no one for which he had a long time.

But the thing is nothing about that
I could not comprehend,
The girl standing behind, came up and asked
He said, 'Your name is a cloud?'
I did not say yes, but I did.
She is her
He handed a diary,
Diarya hands also feel something
Could not do Cloud
The diary opens and starts to read ...

The shadows in the diary
Writes a lot about, last
Six months ago a medical
Testing of the brawn tumor of the shadow.
The doctor gave him 6 months,
According to the idea that he might be inside it
His man's knowledge
May lose,
If that happens then his brain will not work.
Within three months of the doctor
The idea is reversed. Shadow her
About these things
Never told the clouds,
But the identity of the clouds and his
With an average relationship
Every word he talks about
The diary was written down. Clouds
The memories that were spent with them
I read one of the diary while reading the clouds,
With all the imperfect dreams of the shadow and his
About the unknown words of the clouds
Cloud eye
Widespread water gets wet
One page of diarrhea.

The girl standing beside the shadow
The younger sister Maya, no one in their family
I never knew about the clouds. Her
From the face he can know that day
Suddenly at night
The shadow was shocked, almost
1 month in the hospital bed
She was lying in an ignorant state. Condition
There is no improvement in the house
Was brought. The shade room two days ago
To her
Writing diary mixed with them,
They read it as clouds
Can know about. The shadow someday
There was no friend, school-
Always alone in the college class alone
Would have been
I never got involved with anyone. this
Likata is his favorite
The place was, so every day
Come here in the afternoon and yourself
Spend time together, do your own
Thought about life. Her
Inside hardness never let anyone understand,
Fighting alone with your own mind is the war
Did, and waited for the end of the world
See the light. But the clouds
After the identity of her
Life began to change a lot
By that, that silence always likes to be alone
A lot of the girl made
More sunny animals
It is seen as a camel that is new
I started dreaming for a few more days
Living on Earth Diary
He had also written it in
She slowly began to love the clouds
Has done it, but its
Passing life
Along with another life spoiled life
Because they did not want to
It's all about time
Tried to avoid
The shadow knows the clouds for it
Wait, because he's a cloud
That's different for him in the eyes
Looks like feeling good,
He felt the cloud
She started affectionately,
And so he's her
This was written by the diary
The place where he is sure
There was cloud for him
Will be waiting Which was his
Believe it, and maybe this belief
Say love.

- unfinished

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