Love Story - Selfishness or love?

Selfishness or love?

My Fellandlist was a thought-provoking girl named Jonny! One day message in the inbox was given another day !! One day I saw a status of __ "I think education is like that
Will not be done! Father is very sick "

Immediately knock inbox! She responded immediately! Later, I learned that his father was paralyzed suddenly! I got to know everything about him and chatting all day, and to share the pain with me in a way that makes me feel like a lot more.

He is a good scholarship admitted in the private university! Semester free only 15 thousand! Two months after the 1st semester test!
There is no mobile number from that day! At night, the voice was beautiful, the voice was sweet! Think of this opportunity! From home I would give me money every month! He used to do the tuition for the bike. And he would deposit the money !!

After talking about ten days, I became very close to Jenny! One day, when I came to the hospital, Jenny called me, I saw her the first day! Impossible! Do not sleep at home at night!

I met Jenny a few days later! Then I tell him one thing? If you do not mind _my semester money I'll give you! Do not give up!

Jenny goes away without saying anything! Do not hold the phone by phone! Then Jenny calls himself Fahim. We will go to the village next month and this semester will drop! I'll get a job later! From the house of Pufur, I will study with job!

Many hardships meant to Jenny and her mother! Her mother trusted Jenny to her paternal house and went to the village! Jenny gives semester test with my money!

Jenny got a few tuition next month! He would send his money to his father and his younger brother's education costs !! And my tuition fees would give his semester free !!

By tuition, I would meet two people at 10 o'clock! I used to chew under the neon lights on the sidewalk, and I used to eat Jenny home at the same time !! I used to go for the holidays! We were heavenly friends! So no dirty question comes!

Jenny more love! But keep it in mind! This is a lot of pressure! But I do not want Jenny to think that I stand beside her because of interest!

Unlikely beautiful days that goes up to 3 years! I can not think! What I used to say was that Jenny did not do 1 minute and did not let go! Result and good! So there was no scuppe with him!

Jenny 4 months ago I finished my studies !! Jeannie is my job in another city before the final test! Go there !!

After returning from office, call Jenny the message from her mobile __ I love the one! Mom has decided to marry him! I agree with one leg !!

Switch off the message! I gave a message. How many times did you mean love! Do you understand all the words of the mind and try to understand? Do not say that I love you or not?

Were crying like crying crying and tries to number the number of Jenny! Then, Jenny's mother's phone __, when is she calling you? I do not get the line! Jenny went to your house! Everyone in your family agreed ... .shasuriya mama and my mother then gave me a surprise ... not much to me except ... .. !!

If there is a good relationship with him after the help of human beings in the time of trouble! But that's the reason I'm reluctant to say about the cause of compassion or the relationship for interest!

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