Love Story - Parents love

Parents love

One day 11-year-old girl said to her father,
Dad! What will you give me on my 15th birthday?
Dad said, there is still a lot of time ... Let's see ... a few days before the girl's 15th birthday, she became unconscious one day .. She was taken to the hospital quickly ... she examined the dak girl ...
The girl said to her father, a hole in your daughter's heart has been caught. If she does not change her heart quickly, she can not be saved.
when Father went to see his daughter…
Girl dad! Will I die?
Dad said, no, it will be healthy soon.
Girl: - How do you know?
The doctor said my heart will be closed.
Father: - I know mother, you must be healthy. .
She has been in the house for a long time after getting treatment in the hospital. In the meantime she was 15 years old ...
After coming home, the mother let her read a letter to her father ...
"Dear mother! When you read this letter, it means everything has been done properly and you are healthy just as I said ...
Do you remember? One day you asked, what gift would I give you on your 15th birthday? Then I did not know what to give ...
But when you became ill, I understood what I could give you ... so my gift to you is my only heart ... .. I do not love Amitom less than that ... .. "
We never forget our parents, no trouble ... ..
Because, they kept us from the trouble of our childhood ...

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