Love Story - I'm in Love, but could not say

 I'm in Love, but could not say

Like every day today, the boy is waiting for the bus to stand on the bus stand in Apon.

Liza still saw him.

She can not see the medical students in two eyes. But she did not receive a medical check on herself.

But this boy takes a different look.

Seeing the child of other medical students, such an annoyance comes in him, it does not bother him.

Rather, to see this boy, Liza comes at the same bus stand every day. He does not travel by any other way, but he comes by this way.

Liza was a little different.

In other words, he thinks that he is not near love-love. But in the mind it is a step forward.

The boy's name was Rony.

Rono noticed Liza silently.
At times, they had an eye contact with each other.
When Roni saw Liza at the bus and she was sitting, she would have left her seat too.

But they never talked to each other.

Even they did not even know each other's names.

Liza used to get thousands of ideas out of every day, but she could not use work time and intellect.

Like every day today, Liza thought about the matter.

Since Liza a little bit
Troubled nature, so
He did not want anyone to consult him.

Two days later on February 14th.

He decided that the boy would tell the boy the same day and he will.

Liza never bought flowers, she went to buy her flowers on 14th February morning.

He is standing in the bus stand with his favorite flower, waiting for the boy ...

Most of the time the boy was seen to be standing before the bus stand.
If you did not meet before, it would have been in 10-20 minutes.
But after 40 minutes of standing there was no news of the boy
Not there.

Liza waited for some time.
But still the boy did not meet.
I feel very stupid to lease.

I think ...
"The boy probably has a girlfriend. No, maybe why?
Of course there are. Read the medical, two days later the doctor will be there. Not too bad to see.

Why lover will not be?
On February 14th, leaving the lover, why will she come to this bus stand ???

Liza left that day. It was decided that the bus stand will not be there any day. No, she did not ... but unwittingly.

But whenever he crossed the bus stand, waiting for the bus
Looking at the people standing there.

But Ronnie did not see ...

After some days Lea's marriage was okay.
Liaison's mother decided to marry
Liza did not object.
Although he could not forget Ronny.
After a few years of marriage, it is good.
Then one day Liza found an image in her groom's house.
Liza was impressed by the picture.

This is the son's picture.

Liza wants to know her groom ...

"Who is the boy ?? "

In response, he said ...

"The boy's name is Rony.

Read in medical ..

Year 2 ago 14th
He died in road accident in February.

During his death, he had flowers and had a letter ...

Every day a girl was seen with her
Stand at

He was going to the bus stand that day to propose him.
Sadly, she could not name the girl.

Could not provide any address ...

If you do not tell your feelings after reading all this, then I will feel that my handwriting is very bad and I have not read it. I will put my heart in the chest.

If you like it, please comment your feelings.

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