Love Story - If you are my good means then I have a good way

If you are my good means then I have a good way

One year after the breakup, the boy called the girl and saw the boy's phone. She was very surprised because in a year, the boy did not call the girl, but the girl called her insulting what she did not say.
The girl finally receives the phone ............

Boy: hello
Girl: Why did you call the ball?
Son how are you looking for
Girl: Why do you know what I'm about
Boy: Saying is willing to know too much
Girl: How can I say no, but this is it
I can say that you do not have tears anymore, at night you do not sleep now, thinking about yourself, you do not feel the pain in that cinechain in the chest for you now,
Now you have to fear without going alone
I do not feel like it's good if it's good but I'm fine without you.
Boy, so be good. By saying this, the boy cut the line.
As soon as the boy cut the line, the girl's eyes
The water started to bend, which was stopped
He did not want to stop or not
Thinking that you are still as old as ever before, I do not want to believe in the words of my words. Now you believe my words, I can not understand even once, I do not understand. I am not good
Without you I can not stay good, because
If you are the means of my good!

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