Love Story - I love you only

I love you only

-Breakup !!! Shout!


I do not understand - I mean, you and my relation end here! Bye!

- Well

Well, that does not mean anything?

Well, do we mourn today? No, for example, every day we eat ice cream, jhalmuri, fuch ke kacha .. instead of doing cigarettes today instead of doing it!

You eat me a cigarette !!!

That means ... people do not forget to do the same!

Do you think I have trouble? Not at all!


Ragged hand bagged by hand!

You can not have a man's relationship with a goat and a goat!

Because of this, he started walking towards the house, took the bag left behind, took the bag in the sky, there is a mobile and some money in. The sky once thought that Diana would call for the bag, but after all, the thought was dropped. Standing at the side of the road, she saw the girl's bag in her hands and started laughing at her, and laughing at her. The girl did not laugh at the two Bay | maybe she thinks is crazy!

-Hello, why did you steal your bag with my mobile?

-No, I did not do that! You're throwing a bag
Do not talk about the face at all! Tomorrow I will come straight to the campus with my bag! Bye!

For the sake of the two things, the bag is left and the desire is made, first of all, you can meet the sky again on the plea of this bag, and secondly, today is the last day to pay the price for the sky. Akash could meet the rent of the mess with his money, and if he gave it directly to the sky, he would not have been there anymore!

I have been sitting for half an hour but there is no name for the arrival of the sky! I got up and running in front of the sky to stand in front of the sky!

- Sure! Take this bag! And one more thing?


I've spent your money!

There was a smile on the face of the face! But the face said,

Do not talk! There was no money in the bag!

I have bought a blanket for Jabbar's uncle, because of your money, please do not think, please do not think that there was no money in the hands, but I will give you the amount of Tushini money in this month! You know so!
What more ..

By keeping the lip pressed tears, the person who can not walk properly on his own, who does not have a good winter clothes, who himself is struggling all year long, whether he is helping another person, I am sorry for that! He said,

-Don't you get out of mess ??

-No two more times

Would be happy if you did it!

- Do you want to receive your phone from today? I mean, if you say so tomorrow

You do not have to get my phone from today, but if you do not give me the phone, then if you do not give it, then all the teeth will be blunt with teeth teeth!

The girl could not stop crying again, the sky looked like astonishing, and the sky does not understand why the girl is crying like the ten story of the ten stories, just thinking, "What do I do!"

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