Love Story - There were many more things

There were many more things

One girl loves a lot like Aparna (not real name)
Waiting for me to phone him
When will you come back from coaching and phone immediately
Good friends were just good friends or a lot of good friends
Daily talk. Actually the girl has long since
I loved But there was not much talk before. One day
I gave a Uissila that I liked the name Rimi.
Put the line with him. She started her activities
But I thought about Aparna who. Whatever happens is my time
There are no results from Rimi for many reasons.
She does not understand that I really love him
I thought I loved Rimi. Because the girl is very stubborn
If you knew if you would kill him And many try
But there is no profit. At one time Rima and Rimi raised the words
No Because I did not want to do it (if you want to do it?) If you talk to any girl for a long time, you'll be seen to be in love. And the girl is about to be dressed in love. Whatever comes in the original words. That means talking to Aparna or some friends. They also became my good friend but if they knew that her friends kept under the pillow of pillows, I would not say anything to them. Arora used to tell me that "I understand all sense" and the police thugs the thief's attention, so when I said this, I saw the dust in front of the eyes. And then before knowing what he loves, he knows about his girlfriend. Then, after the tree, the fruit was mixed, which was in his ears, but did not believe it. After a few days, we got into a quarrel, we did not speak for a month.
But he never got killed, but one of his brothers called me. I fluttered. But after a lot of bad looks. I call Aparna at the time of the call because of this call, "I apologize for my brother, for you to distract me." I said that it came out again and again started talking again but it did not last long. He told me one day that a friend of mine told me something about Aparna's relationship. I did not make it straightforward to say this lie because I used to propagate it a few days later, but amrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr took off the phone. dont know why? ? But after a few days I realized and understood that I love him, after that I understand many things in the message, but the last word is "forget that the body is dead. And do not bother me at any time in the message. "- It seems to me that I crushed me. By that time I realized I love him. However, I love you too much - there were many more things to say in this briefly, there were many more things but on the keyboard, the hand was written to write Gesay

---- Collected (from someone's diary page)

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