Love Story - I know if you're good, I'll be fine

I know if you're good, I'll be fine

A young boy from Mofussail Parents
In order to give priority to their will, play their dolls
Like we had left life. He is admitted to the city
A 'very big' at a school The first day of the big school
Since then, the so-called gruno is the result of classmates
Disadvantage and teachers have to face neglect.
Then started, gradually adjusting everything
Effort It has achieved some success and it is
All the rest of the effort went on. The enemy
Or if there are many friends together then become friends.
That's what happens. Friendship with everyone. Then, then
Lost in the world See the boy SSC
Passed it Could not have gone. Parents
Only when faced with limitless obstacles
He is the first to draw the love of old friends
The institution is admitted to the HSC.
'College Life' - Frankly Speaking, at the time
Whether or not the 'fan' is about to grow. The boy and everyone
It was not too special. So, to him
Wings fan Someone likes and feels good
But it certainly did not have love.
Does love mean 'what?' He did not know.
It should not have been known to me. Her
Love was near,
"A boy likes a girl. To do
May What's so special on this? "
The boy continued to grow. One day-two days, one-month-
By two months. She learns to understand,
Love means a boy, a girl, 'Just
Like 'not'. More than that. Not much,
Nothing much
A girl would like boy
Maybe the boy is good and the girl
Although the boy is not too scared
He dares to say 'love' to the girl
Was not there In fact, he's a lot about his skills
There were more doubtful. From his childhood he is his
On the face of the parents, he came in sune, "You grow up truck
Driver will be. "
Nobody at college life
Whether you love someone or someone who loves you
May know. But that did not happen. Akan-
It was in the ears of everyone.
Whose love the boy loves him
Went there His reaction is very much
Did not have He just mixes with the boy as before
No But the boy always mixes with everyone.
One day a little
In one case the boy gave a little to the girl.
The girl feels very insulted,
Immediately, the crystal expression through crying
Causes. As a result of this work, the girl is the boy
Stop talking with. The boy, the girl
Many of the girlfriends say that the girl's daughter
Grab the number. But call me like sorry
He did not have the courage. His fast 3 days
To give the girl a sorry reply. Even so
Not one word on the face is written on the chocolate.
That day the girl is after a little insistence
Take the chocolate box and But their
The talking was off. Just one week of this incident
Later the message came from the girl's phone, "will
you be my friend? ". Get the message
Immediately the boy's fever went up. She's so much
Trouble sent the message, "YES".
Then the path started. Be the first to become friends. Then then
Become a man of love Both of them knew one
Love someone else

But it has never been said. One evening in the evening
The boy was roaming around somewhere.
She told the girl that if no
They will never be seen again accidentally.
The girl's own mind
Could not hide the words.
He told the boy his love
Talk about The boy's turn to be happy,
So that the whole world is in the palm of his hand.
Thus their dreams continued.
But there is no word, "The night is as deep as it is,
Come closer "; Similarly, the sweetness of the twilight is soft
After the name of evening ". Theirs
The duration of the woven together dreams and maybe so
Not long lasting. Then then
The girl gradually became separated from the boy
In the meantime, their HSC test exams are in progress
The boy does not notice anything. At the
It is good to say in the stage, the boy is all about life
Some were very indifferent. His apathy
He became a 'black' for him. When the boy
The girl started to notice correctly, then
She understood - She does not love her anymore.
He is someone else today Eyes in someone else's eyes
The girl lost her dream of losing
In the golden horizon
The boy has all the pain of his mind in mind
Gives HSC examination by pressing Expectation and success
Got profit Then again, the fulfillment of the dream of the parents
The goal is to get admission in coaching. Boy and
She was a company coaching company.
But there was no talk of them.
The admission test came. Two e-admissions tests.
The boy achieved fairly good results.
Because of the first time he was his father
In the face there was a smiling line. Of it
What is a child that is bigger than
Or maybe.
His life was good. New
Admission to the institution. His new friends are his
The world is colorful again. 3 friends
The boy's heart was very close. As if
His new life started, new experiences, new
In perception
Laughing, his life was going well.
Then suddenly one day the girl's phone. First time phone
The girl did not say anything. Then the boy,
They understand the breath of the girl
Who gave the phone. That day the boy was the girl
Just two years after talking with She said that
That day, with his previous boyfriend,
Has become. The boy is silent about everything
I heard it. The girl is now the boy's friend
Wanted to stay. The boy said okay, he said, his
Embracing the emotionally damaged emotion, for the first time
Like all of his
Gathering the feelings together, she said to the girl,

Then the girl told the boy, before her
With his boyfriend he is not only emotional, physical
There was also relationship. After knowing it
The boy comforted the girl, saying that this is such
Everyone forgets small mistakes. The boy is that day
He was burnt inside himself. For the first time
He felt very helplessness. Myself
He felt very inferior to himself.
Yet one day she said to the girl,
"You are in the way you are
Let's run, I do not want to know your past. "
The girl promised, "I will never again
I will not leave you. "The boy had all his things
Even with abandonment
The girl wanted to get back But the girl's
The promise was only with one of his mouths. Her
There was something else in the heart. He's back to his previous
The boy got involved with a friend. Now this time
The boy does not want to accept, yet
He has to accept him. Because the boy once
She promised the girl, "You are mine
Stay with or not,
You know it's fine
I'll be fine. "
The boy does not love her girl today,
Maybe love or not. Then why and why
I know today and his room in the dark night
Comes out from,
".......... You'll come back again, trust
Holding in two hands ............ "

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