Love Story - A love and cheating story

A love and cheating story

A complete story on the true story. Maybe you can stir up your conscience. Do not skip the story a little bigger ... ..
When logging out of Facebook, a girl named Hutham Mishu was found to be white. Micheal Friend is very much. Michele Friend Microfilme Friendly Friend Look Reveal. Since opening a Facebook ID, many unknown people have adopted their own. His open friendship with many girls. These virtual friends of the virtual world are very happy and do. Two of them appeared in life as a true friend.

After two or three days, Mishu receives the request of Shuvar. Then, naturally, white mushu gives a chat message. This is how it started In this way, Shuvra and Mishu chatin were going on continuously. Seeing the interest of the mother, Shubho Mishu was encouraged to make her best friend. The day goes on, the week goes only on Facebook chat, both of them develop a good friendship. They share a lot of personal, family and friends. However, in the meantime, the youngster wants a mobile number. Mother gave the numbers without any tactics. After that, they would have their chat, tacine, even on mobile. Mother studied at night and used to chat with Facebook or mobile with white. There was no habit of awakening, so sometimes he slept. Then Mishu used to call on a mobile phone to call it a white one. It is easy and light to know about friendship between the two, once it is known to know that the Mishu family was highly educated but there was no peace in their family. Her only brother's wife thought that all During the time the trouble was kept. Mishu was unknowingly shouted. Because of this, Mishur's mind would have been bad for most of the time, and then white tried to do his mind and used to do it.
Mishu used to take part in the science department of Dhaka City College, after passing SSC from YWCA School in 2010. Formerly, Rifles Public, YWCA, Dhaka City College, Holy Cross, had heard to know the girls of these organizations. I wanted to tell about friendship But Mishu did not know why. White was a son of roughly wealthy family. After learning the Mishu he began to scratch him. The white did not think anything in it. When the girl was a girl, she could not get out of the house, so many times she would recharge her mobile. Micro recharge was back to the first few times, and never again did it. There was no headache for this white, it was a friend!
Mishu was a young sister who was a non-resident of her age. Osin knew about the friendship of Shuvra and Mishu. Even at Dhaka City College, he used to be in the science department. Asin was already on a white friend list, and all the people of Asin had a say in it. Sometimes she used to talk about a white mushu with Asin. I did not know the use of Facebook's Facebook or boy friend. Then Mishu began to meet Shuvar. When there was no picture of anyone on Facebook, then. But I did not want to see the white, because there was a thick cock. Mishu, on April 1, or April, in Phool De, speaks to her mobile with another cousin Sanjidar (Dhanmondi Girl School in 10 classes). And on this day, Mishu is promoting Shuvra. I love u say The white one is killed. Mishu was seen only as a good friend. And two people did not show up then. Mishu says that if he does not get the white, he will take insulin. But as white, I want to make April Fools (by then they started talking to each other by themselves) Mishu then insists. And the white is angry then. He wants to break the friendship. Then Mishu quickly said that he had fun. Then what would happen if he used to receive a professor as a white? Mishu says there was a relation. She does not want to make a good relation, she enjoys friendship with everyone, and she does not do any relation with anyone of the same age, because of her betting. It started moving, and the pressure of the Mishu began to grow. She just wants to meet Finally, agreed to meet the white. After 8/9 days of Apriul flower. Then on the side of the white eastern Mallini, Momin was standing at the front of the house in front of her house, and Mishu came from her house with her mother. Mishu did not have mobile, but she had to be messing with her mother's mobile. There was no talk of both of them. Shuvro comes back to her house. Mishu smiles on the white in the night, whites are enjoying it very much. But soon after the Mishu's bhurthi, he offered the white man again / again and not the fan, he really offered white. The white would not be shocked. Just requests to be a good friend. But there is a lot of extortion. Sleep medicine, insulin etc. threatened to eat. Shubho Mishu makes many shouting. Friendship shreds whitewash After two days, Shuva gave her a call when she went to her house with her mother. Does not receive white. Finally receives the call after annoying. Mishu was cutting the tears on the phone. Repeatedly sorry to say sorry. And promise that they will never make such a madness. Whispered by Mishura's cry, the white man pardoned him. But I can not say anything in front of my mother, so I say "I gave it". talk you later . It shines as white

Friendship is again. They show them several times later. Another girl from the same area along with Mishu (close friend Tara) came to Mishu College with Munirira. On the day when he met Shuva, he would have sent him a liar earlier. Once they know all about it. In the meantime, Mishu often used to recharge mobile from White, but could not back it. After a few days of Mishu's rise to white, the stomach. He says these words will not live without the white. He repeatedly gave him back. Many times it blazes. Stop talking. After listening to the Mishu Bahana and crying, the white again forgave Mishu. This is how it started. Forgetting the loss of a good friend of a good friend repeatedly forgives Mishu.
But the real truth was a little different. The white did not know then. If you knew that the friend could break the party long ago. Whatever the words can come later ... Friendships have become different. Some days are very good, some days are very bad. Mishu was so crazy, and soon there was a friend of his friend Shuvo's friend friend who was traveling around his boyfriend. He began to ask Shuvo. In the meantime Mishu was pretty beautiful but a little thick. The white is in a jar. Mishu needs to bark again. Mishu used to carry out the applause. He stopped talking without listening to white eyes. After this, Mishu Shuvo was able to understand in many ways, her small problems began to appear bigger. He said, 'I feel like killing him, he wants to be suicidal.' He whispered to him again, while giving him a nice bracelet in the white mushroom on Mishu's birthday. So happy bracelet mixed mix is very happy They then eat in the shayaniira
Mishu was the four mates. Monis, Moni, Munni and Mishu. Moni and Mishu stayed together for most of the time. Moni and Muni and they had a good friend. Then they have a lot of hide around Muni. They did not want to tell Munni and they did not want to tell him. Meanwhile, on Valentine's Day, he wants to meet Mishu with a white car. That day Munni and was with them. So Munni knows everything. Rabindroet went to Sarabar from the convoy. Moni and Munira asked them to go there to know what they would buy. The white rose and a gift for the different Mishu brought. But they were shy to give in front of everyone, so they said in the car, but they did not come. So flowers and gifts leaving the white anger left the ground. Mishu repeatedly calls for returning to her but cut the line. Later Mishu imposed all the blame on Munni, after that the last word of the case, the previous day, before the examination of the second half of the month, the 80% Math did not have the suggestion and did not talk.
Let's come here with real consensus, after whispering that can be sure. The mother was a kind of greedy, happy, and lastly characterless. While talking to Shuvar, he kept rltn with other boys. Then Mishu admitted that. At the age of his younger son and he did rltn. From him and Mishu took money but did not give back money. However, he used the most to whiten She wanted to marry white. If she is married to Shuvro's wife, she can be royal. She has used her daughter's position in the rank of daughter. She is the brother of Munir. She wanted to talk with Munir's brother. But basically the father of the mother did not want to marry her. Mishu and Munira were going to college together they had good information.
When Shuvro did not make Mishu, he wanted forgiveness on the basis of many false accusations, but his intention was one. Whose white is going to be kept, along with another boy's time pass, the white man who made his boy friend say to everyone. When Shuva stopped talking to her, Mishu then put her friends in lieu of Shuvo. The white friends, called the white friends, started reporting and blocking him on Facebook without asking anything, Shuva was blocked by Mishu long before. Receive warnings from Facebook, shocked by the realities of the shock becomes shocking. Thinking about his friendship with one of the friends who used to be bad friends,

Hatham Mishu is Facebook ID hack, Mishu directly blames blunder on white. But the white did not know anything about them. They all knew the password of their friends. In the words of Mishu Mitha, everyone started to think that the white is bad. He lost his shirt and lost his temper. A character of lies.
After talking with Mishu Shuvo, RLTN with a son named Mofiz. Now it is going on. The students of the Department of Science department of Chitale Dhaka City College.
After getting all the subject suggestions, when he saw that his Golden A + was laid, then the white seemed to be useless. It's a big reason why white can not be used anymore. And your friendship !!
The girl's world is forgetting and laughing how many sons believe in the blind, she does not have the yataca. Suffering heard that Mishu Mophiz went to Khulkuli Relation with him. They used to visit the white friends. Maybe some days later the use of Mofiz will be finished Mishu. Their words and I did not say or else.
What people can do for their own interests Abandoning his character and ?? Of course, these girls do not seem to have anything about the character. They are born to be known as their own pictures or characters. And to make a sacred relation like friendship, for example, when the ending of a friend (!) Makes him a bad person to dance and make a new friend to dance.
Think about friendships ?? Think of it as if it happened with you ??? Imagine yourself in the place of white ... ......
See if the people in the mix or not? What do you think ........................... Hierarchy
How do you feel, please tell me, like a mushroom, share any girls like white and can not use it.

If you like it, please comment your feelings.

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