Love Story - A piece of cloud was wet!

A piece of cloud was wet!

This girl is crazy? Someone crazy? I do not think that this girl's mind! If you have so much cinematics?
I told Nishi
What are you doing? In this way someone hugging? Again in front of everyone?
Nishita did not leave me, but rather joined a little more. Answered
How many days have you missed me this day? And you just got fun!
I went to my parents. Just for three days! I told you, right? Leave now! What are people thinking?
I'm not really thinking about what people think of me, I'm thinking about Tanni. And when you see that Nissi hugged me like this and wondered what !!
We went to the tour from our group in Sylhet. For three days! Just returned today. I did not think Nissi would be coming to the station to receive me. I came out of the train and came to me and grabbed me upright. This girl saw so much movies! At least 100 times during the day, Nishi did not mind. I could not think and came here.
When all my friends came out when Nishi left me! Nishi stood slightly apart. Right then I saw Tanni. Sumon is standing behind. By seeing her face it is understood that the scene of hugging me and saw! And it is also very clear that it did not like it at all.
Tanni and I did not talk to me. Standing behind Gambhir standing behind Sumon. I did not say anything. I do not know what cine creates !!
These girls are so conifuating the caracitors that they do not have trouble! The whole trip did not leave me a little, and I did not recognize Nishi!
Aajib !!

It was almost evening to give Nishi to the house. Tanni's phone at this time to reach the room!
-Why are you?
This is it! Get in the room!
-Actually? Income!
-now ? Just enter the room!
Now you go! I say to come! Your teeny girlfriend said to go right!
- Well, daddy! Where to come!

It was night to reach Tanni. Standing next to their house was for me!
-Force ! Called for what!
This street of Narayah is called the solitude! Actually the VIP area is Nobody can come.
Tanni looked at me without saying anything a little bit. His face seemed to be quite gammer
-What's up ? Why so serious?
Why did your girlfriend do that?
What do you mean? Once in the Bengali movie You hero of the hero!
Why are you so serious why you? What has happened He is such a little!
Tony looked at me a bit coldly.
When will you tell him?
What to say?
What do you understand?
I was a little worried about Tania's face.
If that incident of the day is very serious?
Have you got a problem.
Tanni came forward and held my hand and said
-Look, I made a mistake, so I'm suffering. I accept. But now I will not accept it. Not at all.
What are you talking about? Have you lost your mind ? Look what happened that day did not happen. I know it as well!
After listening to this hearing, Tanni could not say right, but he came directly to me and caught me! I did not realize that he would do that! But luck is good that there is no one around! It's been dark!
What are you doing? Discount! I'm going to discount.
Tanni did not seem to have heard me too much. There was a little more to kiss me. I forced myself to force myself out. I said
-What are you doing?
-What? Do not you like it now? That day my lips seemed very sweet to you. I forgot about getting my girlfriend again.
Then Tanni said something bad!
I heard the silence only!
I said after the end
-Your head is now hot. Cool the head I go !
-That's going to tell guys!
-I go .
I do not know . Walk back and forth.
Tanni's head is so bad. Who knows if there is more here!
I do not know why I did that work on the day!

Nishi's face was fluttering in the dark. I felt a sense of joy in mind. She is so crazy that sometimes she is crazy
Do you think I was wet with rain once? They also rickshaw again. Called me in the sky in the sky. How much have we been waiting for rain but rain was not visible
But before going to Sylhet, one day I was going to New Market by rickshaw and I did not say it was raining and the rain came down. I do not want to pick up Tanni. Looking at me laughing very much. Then said
You do not want to walk on the rain with the rain in the rain!

Nishi looked sad afterwards. I do not want to say Nishi Tonya himself called Nishi phone. Who knows what he said but when Nishi's mind was very bad then.
None of the two told me what to say, but definitely said something that Nishi's mind was very bad.
I asked for reasons, but Nishi did not answer.
After a while, the mouth shouted and said
-Open Apu, I'm afraid of sometimes!
-What the fear!
I think I'll lose you.
Why do you say that?
Nishi did not answer anymore. The mind is bad!
I realized that Tanni actually said something like that!

I asked Tanani. But he did not say anything
-What did you say to the nishi?
Tanni kept looking at me without saying anything. Then laughing.
-What was the cry of the GEF?
Look! Do not fan Serious Lee ball! What do you say
Do not say What do you do
I can not say anything What is this girl going on? Who knows?
Tanni said again
I do not think that I'll leave you alone! Will not leave anything I see how much you love your GF! Can not arrest you!
I was frightened. Why does Tanni say so !! I know of him so many days in a little bit scary! If Tanji once fixed something, then it will leave it! Regardless of anything!
I filmed a little tension. Well, Tonya has said everything or Nishi! Then it will be a problem. The emoticon that she heard of the girl did not do anything again.
I have read one in trouble. These girls do not make such adulterous!

Nissi phone at night Many rays! I watched it at around three o'clock. Why did you call me so late?
No problem right ?
I grabbed the phone with a little tension.
Nishi remained silent Do not say anything at first!
-What is the talk?
I started!
Much more silence. Then then
Do you love Tanni Apu?
-Tell the truth? Do you love him before relation with me?
What are you talking about? Who said this to you? Did you say that?
- That's it! Do not tell me the truth.
I took a while. Then I said
This is true! I propose him. But he refiled me!
This is really true. Nishi is not my first love At the beginning of the university, I became very weak towards Tanni. I also propose. But Tanni did not accept it. Who knows why not !!
But there was no such effect on our friendship. The reason that I did not become overwhelmed in front of him and he himself came forward towards me. Let me explain that love of all these love is not for him. For this our friendship is not broken! Then it is okay!
After that I was introduced to my nishi! From there he likes him. Then I'm with him. But I have a mistake that Nishike did not say this to me. I do not know if he could say this today. I understand what to say next? Nishi will tell me why did not I say this day?
But Nishi did not ask this question. Tell me
-How do you love him?
-Man? No! There was a time that I liked him, but since you came, I did not even think. He is my friend only !!
-Well friend ?? Why did you kiss him in Sylhet?

I fell from the sky. Tanni is saying that I can not think!
Still say that you are his friend!
Look, this is not the case. The situation was such that ... ..
I just could not explain exactly how to understand him!
-Deep Apu, I do not want to take that tattoos that you understand what I say!
-Dakh is not the same!
-I do not want to hear anything about that matter. I just want to know if you kissed Tanni? No more talk!
- yes But ......... ...
Nishi kept the phone before I was finished.
The temperament is very bad on Tanni! Why did she do this? Why?
There was a time when Tanni himself turned me back.
According to his commentary, love is not for him, and now he has put a pat on us.
I have been referring to this for quite some time. There is a change in the kind of tanani. Especially when I saw it with Nishi, or when I talked with Nissi on the phone, her face would have been so serious!
Then how did one load! Do not talk to me right now!

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