Price Rise of Essential Commodities - Report

7. *** Suppose, you are the District Correspondent of a National English Daily published from Dhaka. You have just covered a report on price hike of day-to-day commodities in your area. Write a news report of about it. Give a title to your report.


Price Rise of Essential Commodities
Price Hike of Essential Things
Price Spiral of Necessary Things

Staff Reporter, Rajshahi
15 January, 2018.
The price essential things is increasing by leaps and bounds. The people of the locality are suffering seriously due to unusual increase in the prices of things. Our reporter has said this after visiting some markets in the city.
The price of coarse rice was Tk. 35.00 per kg and the fine rice, Tk. 50.00 per kg in the local market yesterday. The prices of vegetables and groceries have gone up beyond control. The prices of rice and oil have doubled in this week. Most of the people live below the poverty line. Now the people of low income are suffering greatly because they cannot buy their daily things. Some dishonest people are responsible for this price rise. They are creating an artificial crisis of daily goods by storing necessary things in order to make a huge profit. The government officials have taken some steps to control the market but have earned little success. The present condition of the market must be brought under control. Otherwise, it will effect our economy greatly.
The city people have told our reporter that a powerful syndicate controls all the kitchen markets. They demand rapid action against the syndicate to bring down the prices of all things.

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