Consequences of Drug Addiction in Bangladesh - Report

6. *** Suppose that you are a reporter of a newspaper published from Dhaka. Now, you are asked to write a report on the devastating consequence of drug addiction in the context of Bangladesh.


Staff reporter, Dhaka, 05 August, 2017
Drug addiction has become a burning question in Bangladesh. A large number of people are taking drugs in different forms. The teenagers are the worst victims of drug addiction. Experts fear that the alarming rising of drug addiction will bring about devastating consequence for Bangladesh.

Now-a-days drug addicts are found everywhere in the streets, in the parks and even in the educational institutions. Some of them inform that taking drugs reduces their tension and creates a kind of feeling. It is seen that the addicts suffer physically, mentally and morally. They cannot lead a normal life. They get attacked with various diseases like cancer, heart disease and other respiratory diseases. To manage the money to buy drugs, they commit social crimes like, stealing, hijacking, looting, killing, robbery etc. Gradually they are led to death. From an interview with some educated people of different areas it is clear that some youths are taking drugs being frustrated or out of fashion. They are ruining their lives by taking heroine, cocaine, marijuana, ganja etc.

However, to save the youngster from being spoiled, concerted efforts should be taken. Particularly, the government as well as the conscious people should come forward in this regard.

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