Physical Exercise - Paragraph

9. *** Write a paragraph about "Physical Exercise or Necessity of Physical Exercise"

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise means the movement of the limbs of our body according to certain rules. Physical exercise is of great importance in our life. It is very essential for our good health. It is said that health is wealth. Good health is the key to success. There is a close relation between body and mind. We cannot expect sound mind without sound body. There is a wise saying, "A sound mind lies in a sound body." Regular exercise makes us healthy, strong and active. It helps a person to fight against various diseases. If a person takes physical exercise regularly, he generally does not get attacked with any disease. Most of the patients are advised by the doctors to take physical exercise. As for example, a diabetic patient is advised to walk regularly. A student must have sound health to work hard for the examination. We cannot think of good health without taking physical exercise. Many people do not take physical exercise. They lose their health. They do not find happiness in life. Rather they are sure to suffer in the long run. They have to lead and unhappy and unsuccessful life. A poor man having good health is happier than an unhealthy rich man. SO we should from a habit of taking physical exercise.

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