Gender Discrimination - Paragraph

10. ***Write a paragraph about "Gender Discrimination or Gender Disparity"


Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination means the difference between male and female in respect of enjoying rights. It is a great social problem in our country. There are many causes of gender disparity. Firstly, social custom and prejudices contribute much to the creation of gender disparity. Secondly, our narrow and selfish attitude is a cause of the problem. Many parents think that educating a girl is wastage of time and money. The prime concern of parents is to marry their daughters off. They also think that their male children can contribute more to their family income. Besides these, poverty, illiteracy, lack of consciousness, religious misinterpretation etc. are also responsible for this social curse. The effects of gender discrimination are very harmful. This discriminatory treatment has long-term negative effects on the body and mind of the female children and women. They cannot take good food and so suffer from malnutrition and various diseases. They are not cordially received for giving birth to female children. They cannot raise their voice against anything. They cannot go out without permission. In some families they are deprived of education and cannot influence the family decisions pm some important matters. So they suffer both physically and mentally. But they are human beings. So they should be treated with justice and equality. 

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