Freedom of Speech - Essay

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Freedom of Speech

A free society is no doubt, a democratic society where people can think, act and speak freely. It has some aspects the most important aspects is freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a precondition of democracy which establishes a rule of the people, by the people and for the people. In a democratic society, people are free and has the right to express their views and opinions. In fact, freedom of speech is a basic human right that ensures a peaceful atmosphere where people can enjoy justice and equal rights,

A free society is really a democratic society where people enjoy a kind of liberty in their thinking and working. This free society refers to a system of government selected by the people of a country. People speak and discuss freely and elect the representatives who govern the country by allowing freedom an speech, religious and political opinions.

Indeed, it is a system of governing the country according to the people's will. Here the the people's representatives make the laws for the sake of the people's we;fare. Everyone has say but it is difficult to torture others. People feel safe in a free society.

In a free society mass media like radio, television, newspaper etc. can work freely as the best instruments to establish people's freedom of speech. These powerful instruments can express people's thoughts and ideas, views and opinions freely.

However, we should bear in mind that in a free society we have freedom of speech and expression. But this matter does not mean that we can do whatever we we think and like. Unrestricted freedom leads to the violation of human rights. Wild and uncontrolled activities lead to disorder and chaos in the society.

From the above discussion we can conclude that human beings are freedom loving and so like to live in a democratic society. But we should exercise our freedom of speech justly according to the code of conduct. However, proper education is essential to ensure true freedom of speech and expression in a society. So, all classes of people particularly our children should be educated properly so that they can be the good citizens of the country.

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