Female Education - Essay

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Female Education

Introduction: Education is the backbone of a nation. It is the light of humanity. It is a must for women because they are almost half of the total population. Therefore, it is not possible to develop out country keeping our women in the dark of ignorance.

Obstacles in female education: Some conservative people oppose the female education. They think that imparting education to women is useless. They shall remain confined within the four walls of home. Besides, some other obstacles are lack of consciousness, men's selfishness, early marriage, eve teasing, gender discrimination etc.

Necessity: Men and women are like the two sides of a coin. One is incomplete without the other. Men need the help of women in many fields. Female education is necessary in many ways. Women have a lot of duties and so need education and training to perform their duties properly. Without getting proper education, they cannot contribute anything to the nation. Napoleon rightly said, "Give me a good mother and I shall give you a good nation." It is also said that "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." So and educated mother rules the world. Secondly, the future of a child depends on how a mother brings it up and looks after it. Thirdly, men and women can equally share social responsibilities. Educated women can render better services in the social and domestic life. In the family life an educated wife can help her husband in many ways. She can inspire him to do what is noble. Above all, after being educated, women would be conscious of their rights and duties.

Measures for female education: At present men's outlook towards women has been changed significantly. Now women  are more conscious and active. Yet some more steps should be taken to ensure education for women. Superstitions should be removed. Early marriage should be stopped.  Financial help should be taken to ensure empowerment of women. The government has already taken some steps in this regard.

Conclusion: The true development of a country is not possible without educating women. SO women must be properly educated so that they can play their role effectively in society. Otherwise, they will always lag behind.

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