Students and Social Service - Essay

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Students and Social Service

Introduction: Students are the future of a nation. They are the future leaders of the country. They are also social beings like other classes of people. So, their social services are very important. They can help the people in time of need. Really students have certain duties to the society in which they live.

Main duty: The first and foremost duty of students is to study and acquire knowledge. They they should try their best to make themselves worthy citizens of the country. So they should acquire                                                          proper education and they pay attention to the service of the society.

Social service: In these days study alone is not enough for a student. Other duties also await him. Of these, social service is one. In a developing country like ours students can render social services in different fields in their free time.

(i) In education: Illiteracy is a great problem of our country. Many people are illiterate. During their holidays, students can do a lot for the education of the people. They can open night schools and adult literacy centers and can teach the illiterate people.

(ii) In health and sanitation: The service of students in health and sanitation is very important. Students can teach the villagers about the rules of health. They can teach the illiterate people how to keep the environment clean and free from pollution.

(iii) In agriculture: Our economy depends on agriculture. But the farmers of our country are illiterate. So students can teach them about the modern method of cultivation.

(iv) In Population control: Students can teach the illiterate villagers about the need of birth control and encourage them to adopt family planning.

(v) In natural calamities: During the natural calamities, students can help the affected people in many ways. At that time they can collect funds and relief for the homeless and the helpless.

Conclusion: Students are the greatest force of a nation. They are the servants of the society in which they live. They should work heart and soul to build up  a healthy, happy, and peaceful society. 

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