Memories of Childhood - Essay

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Memories of Childhood

Introduction: Man often remembers his past memories. There is a saying that the lost days are better. It is said that childhood memories are the sweetest. I cannot remember everything sweet but some are sad. Very often these memories are reflected on my mind. Then I feel delighted.

Memories of Playmates: I spent my childhood in my native village. I can hardly remember before I was five. The Padma flows beside my village. My playground was the bank of the river. I always played there with my friends. I and some of my friends used to jump into the river and swim in it. Sometimes we caught fish in it. Catching fish was very interesting to us.

Memories of Primary Education: The village Maktab was another interesting place in my childhood. An old maulavi taught us Arabic. I first learnt alphabet from my grandmother. At the age of five I was admitted into a primary school. I went to my school with my father. My  heart began to beat fast when I was taken to the Headmaster. But his smiling face and sweet words removed my fear. Again my classmates received my happily and cordially.

Memories of Sad Events: I have also some sad memories. One day I was attacked with serious fever at five. My parents became anxious and took me to good doctor. When I came round, their joys knew no bounds. The death my grandmother was another sad experience.

Other Memories: The marriage ceremony of my uncle was a happy event. I used to pick mangoes from the gardens with other children. We also ate other fruits. Sometimes we would forget to eat our midday meals. I used to go to the village hat with my father twice a week. My father bought me sweets, chanachur, bananas etc.

Conclusion: Child hood is an important part of our life. Memories are always sweet even though some of them are related to bad events. I can never forget my childhood. How happy I was during my childhood days! Now I wish I were a child again.

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