Uses and Abuses of Internet - Essay

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Uses and Abuses of Internet

Introduction: Internet is the name of a computer networking system of sending news and views in the shortest possible time. The full name of Internet is International network.  It is the latest means of communication. It has brought about a great change in the world of information, education and entertainment. The use of Internet is increasing day by day.

Uses: Internet has added sped to globalization and IT sectors. It is the most powerful media of communication. It plays an important role in our everyday life at present. It the past sending information was very slow and time consuming. It was also difficult and full of troubles before the invention of information technology. But at present the Internet system has given speed to the exchange of thoughts, ideas and information. We can share thoughts and ideas with the other people of home and abroad through it.
Internet can play an important role in the field of trade and commerce. It has largely changed banking and financial activities. It has increased official efficiency. At present people can buy and sell their goods without going to market.
Educational institutions use the Internet for research. Internet is used to deliver courses to students online. Students can read books without going to the library. They can get their necessary information about the world literature and other affairs using Internet. Besides, Internet helps a traveler to know about the spot, and make arrangement for ticket, hotel booking etc. It also helps the patients to get prescription and treatment of the famous doctors.

Abuse: Internet has some demerits. It is not free from harms. It has great influence on the young generation. Sometimes they keep chatting and wast away their time. Their chatting affects their study. Sometimes criminals and terrorists take the advantage of Internet to achieve their target. Even some immoral persons use Internet to belittle others.

Conclusion: In fine, we can say that Internet has a great importance in the moder world. We cannot go a single moment without using this means of modern technology.

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