Drug Addiction - Essay

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Drug Addiction

Introduction: Drug addiction means strong attraction for drugs. Drug is an essential of human life. But abuse of drugs has devastating impact on life. It is a kind of intoxicating element. Narcotics like opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, cocaine etc. are used as drugs by the addicted people. At present drug  addiction is a global problem. It has become a burning question in our country.

Causes: There are many reasons behind drug addiction in Bangladesh. Firstly, drugs are available in Bangladesh because Bangladesh is used as transit for trafficking of drugs. Secondly, frustration among the youths is another major cause of drug addiction. Unemployment, failure in love, lack of family ties, lack of love and affection, family conflict etc. is also another cause. Through satellite TV channels our youths, being influenced by western cultures, are losing their moral values.

Consequences: Many young people, being addiction to drugs, go astray. Drugs kills the addicts slowly but surely. It destroys them physically, mentally and morally. It causes cancer, heart disease and other respiratory diseases. It damages the nerve system of the body and brain. So the addicts cannot lead a normal life. They commit social crimes like stealing, hijacking, looting, killing, robbery etc to manage the money to buy drugs.

Measures for prevention: It is high time to take proper steps to control drug addiction. Now the law must be enforced strictly. The young boys and girls should be made aware of the evils of drugs. Public awareness should be raised against this addiction. Mass media can play an important role in this regard. The parents should take proper care of their children. We must ensure moral education for all. The supply of drugs should be brought under control.

Conclusion: Drug addiction is a curse of modern civilization. To remove this curse, the government has already taken some steps. The government as well as all the conscious people should work together to get rid of this curse. The problem should be solved at any cost.

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