Democracy in Bangladesh - Essay

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Democracy in Bangladesh

Introduction: Democracy is the most popular form of government. It is a system of government by all the people of a country. People elect their representatives who govern the country by allowing freedom of speech, religions and political opinions. In fact, it is the system of governing the country according to people's will. Abraham Lincoln defines democracy as "Government of the people, by the people and for the people." Now Bangladesh is a democratic country.

Aspects: In a democratic country people elect their representatives who work for the people. Free and fair election is the pre-condition of democracy. In a democratic country people have equal rights. They can express their opinions. They have the rights to enjoy food, clothes, shelter, education, medical treatment and other facilities. It is also said that people are the source of power in a democratic country. Another aspect is that the majority party forms a coalition with the main opposition party and work together in democracy. In some cases the ruling party in coalition with the minor parties form the government. On the other hand, the many opposition party in coalition with some minor parties may be engaged in destructive criticism and  activities.

True democracy: In Bangladesh democracy exists. It is not merely the free government of the people. All the rights of the people elect the government. The politicians come into power through the election. So the government is liable for every action.

Present condition: At present in Bangladesh the political parties are not sincere in the highly of democratic ideal but they do not do accordingly.

Democracy and education: Democracy is the form of government and education is the process of formal learning. For true democracy, proper education is essential because uneducated people cannot choose what is right and what is wrong. So people should be educated properly.

Conclusion: True democracy and proper education are closely related. One is meaningless without other. In a democratic country people are free. Now our dream is to establish true democracy through proper education in our country.

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