Increasing Library Facilities - Application

7. *** Write an application to your Principal praying for increasing library facilities.


12 February, 2017
The Principal
Nazrul Govt. College, Trishal

Subject: Application for increasing library facilities.

With due respect we, the students of your college, beg to inform you that a good library is part and parcel of an institution. We have a poor library in our college. We do not get all the necessary books in our library. We need recently published books. We also need some books on English grammar and some dictionaries. Besides, the reading room in the library is very small. So we cannot use our off-periods by reading books in the library.

We therefore, hope that you would be kind enough to take necessary steps to increase facilities in our college library and oblige thereby.

Yours obediently,
The students of Nazrul Govt. College, Trishal.

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