Who is to Bell the Cat - Story

5. *** Write a story about "Who is to Bell the Cat/Mice and Cat."


Who is to Bell the Cat

Once there lived many mice in a house. A cat also lived there. The mice were afraid of the cat. They could not move about freely. At last they hit upon a plan to get rid of the cat. They held a meeting. The speaker discussed the problem of the cat. They made different proposals. None of the proposals was good enough to accept. Then the meeting was about to finish. They could not find out any solution of the problem. Suddenly a young mouse stood up and wanted to say something in this regard. Then all the mice were eagerly looking at him. The young mouse said, "Let us tie a bell round the cat's neck. Then we will be able to hear him coming and save ourselves in time." All the mice praised the idea and thanked the young mouse. But an old mouse thought about the idea seriously. He stood up and said, "Dear friends, listen to me. No doubt, the idea is good but who is going to bell the cat?" Nobody came forward to do this difficult task. At last the meeting came to an end. At that moment the mice felt helpless.

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