Two Cats and a Monkey - Story

2. *** Write a story about Two Cats and a Monkey or, Dividing a Piece of Bread.


Two Cats and a Monkey

One day two cats stole a piece of bread. They tried to divide it into two equal parts but failed. They fought for that. Lastly they agreed to put up their problem to the monkey. They went to the monkey and asked him to divide the bread into two equal parts. The cunning monkey divided the cake into two pieces. But the bread was not equally divided. One piece was larger than the other. The first part became larger than the second one. The cunning monkey ate some portion from the first part and this part became smaller. Then he took some portion from the second part and this part again became smaller. Thus the monkey continued taking some portion from the larger part. The result of the method was that at last there was only a very small part.

Now, the cats could understand the trick of the monkey. So they told the monkey to return only that small piece of bread. The monkey become angry and stood up. He claimed that piece of bread as his charge and took away the piece. At last the cats could understand their foolishness.

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