Road Accident - Report

2. *** Suppose you are Abir. You are a reporter of the Daily Star. You have witnessed a terrible accident. Now, write a report on that road accident.


Sub: Five Killed, Ten Injured in a Road Accident.

Abir, Mymensingh.
10 April, 2017

A terrible road accident took place in Dhaka-Mymensingh highway road near Trishal Upazila Bus-Station at 8:15 a.m yesterday. Five people died on the spot and another ten were injured in this accident.

A non-stop bus was running at a high speed. Suddenly a micro-bus came from the opposite direction. The driver was very reckless. Suddenly the micro-bus moved to the wrong side and collided with the non-stop bus in full speed. The accident took place in the twinkling of an eye. Five passengers of the micro-bus died on the spot and ten passengers were injured seriously. The local people rushed to the spot. The scene was so horrible that everybody felt nervous. There was blood and blood. The wounded passengers were taken to the nearby hospital. We also came to learn that a young man, two women and two children of a family died. After the accident the police of the local Thana came to the spot and arrested the driver and the helper. They sent the dead bodies to the nearby hospital for autopsy. A case was filed to the local Thana in this regard.

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