Preparation for the HSC Exam - Letter


3. ***Suppose, you are Abir/Tania. Your father wants to know about your preparation for the HSC Examination. Now, write a letter to your father informing him about your preparation of studies for the HSC Examination.


11 May, 2017

Maskanda, Mymensingh.

Dear Father,

Your letter is just to hand. You have wanted to know about my preparation / progress of studies for the coming  HSC Examination. Now, I am writing about it.

Our HSC Examination will begin from 20 November, 2017. You will be glad to know that I have taken a good prepatation for the examination. I have solved all the questions from the test papers. Now, I am revising them. Our teachers are taking special classes. I have stood first in the model test classes. However, I hope to get golden A+ in the examination. Pray to Allah for my success.

No more today. With my best regards to my mother. Love to all.

Your Loving son,



Dhaka Road, Maskanda
123, R.K Road

You will be see again me in another post.

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